COOP: CNTO 10 Shades Owlier

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Lee-Enfield ftw!

OP was really well put together and I really had fun in the start.
However, I cannot be a leader when people consistently and knowingly disregard orders.
First Azic stays in the M113 after I told him multiple times to leave it (turret was broken). He proceeds to drive in front of the convoy, but his vic is slow and kills it half the platoon in a collision when they try to get past.
Then after reinserts Guy and yellow team split off without telling me to go for a side objective I specifically said we wouldn’t be doing yet.
No point in leading when nobody listens, so I left early. A real shame because I wanted to see how the op would turn out.

I could do without some people making a little performance about other people leaving after our leader did their very best to actually do the mission but had to deal with a difficult objective with fewer people because some people thought they would just fuck off and abandon the rest of us. What happened was people left us in the shit. At that point I would wonder why I was bothering at all. Perhaps those who left us to drove off should be grateful we don’t go off to do our own little missions when they are in charge. Also saying you couldn’t find us is the most pathetic excuse there is literally a marker on the map. If you cannot read that then I don’t know what to do to help you.

The rest of the mission was really well made and fun. A little problem at the end was fine. Thanks very much to Sagu for making it.