Coop - Cliffhanger

Since noone bothered to make this thread I did :slight_smile: share the stories of american failure :frowning:

Sum videos bitches: ArmA 3 Operation "Cliffhanger" by Carpe Noctem part 1 - YouTube

So I think that the mission was very nice. We did have a lot of problems like numbers of players that were lowish, we lost archer early on and in overall we had a lot of problems dealing with armour. If we had bigger numbers we could have at least spread a little more and moving through the city would be easier

Someone said that the mission should have been easier. I don’t think so… I think that there was way too many vehicles for our numbers and anti-armour shit situation and if there weren’t like… 5 BMPs we could have actually done it or at least take the city. But other than that I think it was great, we had to deal with something all the time, we couldn’t move freely around the town and I felt a challenge even tho’ I acted like coward most of the time, BUT THIS IS HOW MEDICS SHOULD BE LIKE, RIGHT?! Who’s gonna patch you up when I die?

I also got PTSD after I was left alone with Dachi and Cob and they died one by one and I was left alone for 20 minutes with russians all around me :smiley: Was really cool even tho’ I found a nice pit for myself after a while of shooting russians alone and they didn’t approach me since that but I saw shadows around me and it was very stressful :stuck_out_tongue:

And also I think I found a weapon that I don’t really like. Those HK’s… IDK man… their full auto is… not something I’m used to, it feels strange. But eey! it killed russians with 2-3 shots! Not many weapons can do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, the mission difficulty is balanced: it’s still a Combined Operations Scenario.
Now, the start was very slow, we had a minor hiccup with the LCAC, but the CQB-Town city was a blast.

The concept of this mission was very interesting, thanks Highway for hosting the game!

I think we performed very well overall, even though we technically failed the mission. Assaulting HQ outside of Thirsk went good and our movements inside the city were well thought and coordinated. Dealing with armour in a city is never easy since there’s no safe spot and oftentimes we bunched up trying to avoid getting shot by the T-72 or a BMP (which I feel were a bit too many considered our forces) and at the same time keeping a 360 security, that’s not simple and some of us got shot trying to cover their sectors, plus I don’t really trust somebody with a rocket launcher in such a narrow space (I have trust issues since last week).

It was a bit disappointing not advancing at all in the town and having half of the team dead almost all the time, what we did was basically defend our position, reinsert, get slaughtered and defend again until reinsertion, but I think it was due to being constantly under the fire of an armored vehicle (yeah we should have expected that since there were 2 mechanized companies defending the region).

Summing up, great mission it was a lot of fun to play though quite hard to accomplish, good job everyone!

Very nice mission, many thanks to Highway!

As stated, above we were to few to play it properly and cover enough ground to execute a proper assault. It was a lot of fun nonetheless and it felt like everyone did their job.

Unlike Tropical, I do like the 416!

Full auto feels off. Don’t you feel it? Please tell me I’m not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

I rarely use the full auto but I like the one from the 416 better than the one from the m4 actually. The m4 climbs really quickly. Plus I actually like the iron sights on the 416.

You got fucked because you were wearing mediterranean camo in a snow environment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m sure having white camos would prevent a tank from sharpshooting people like a bloody sniper :-d

The reason for failure is some bad luck with Apache and maybe improper use of IFV Bradley, going for the kill against BTR from the front several times even though they have been disabled. You had two Bradleys initially, one sank in first landing. Second was lost too easily.

Functional dislocation in combined arms means - defeat the enemy unit on ground it is not adapted to. Like tanks in the city, helicopter versus APC, infantry vs APC in the city etc.

Bradley vs BTR was improper tactics. It smells of "fair fight" which is a big no no in tactics. Use Bradley to defeat infantry from distance, beat BTR in rugged terrain with infantry. And you did use infantry, disabled all BTR but couldn’t finish them from the front.

But, like I said, if Apache didn’t break down you would have strolled over AI. Arma hates me in last few events, I apologize for technical issues.

Great mission!
I’d like to see this mission re-used in its entirety sometime in the future. I look forward to finishing it.

All very nice in theory but the terrain and situation did not allow the Bradley to be used like that. We also lasted for a long time considering we were supporting infantry in a city and then lost most of our support, we stayed to try and protect the remaining three guys left. Cannot think of a thing I would have done differently.

Except move closer to Dachi, Tropical and Cob and dismount driver and commander. With better coordination we probably could have held that barn until reinforcements arrived.