Coop - Cherry Pie

Hi there, leave your feedback and comments on the mission!

My feedback as first Zeus/GM. The mission was very well made with interesting intel triggers that allowed the commander to plan attacks and avoid walking into ambushes. The triggers worked well and the editor placed enemy units provided a well balanced level of opposition. To help with performance I kept Zeus interaction with units to a minimum and let the editor way points and triggers do their job and think the mission ran very smoothly because of this. Radio problems seemed limited to the usual problems of messages being stepped on and being missed due to FTLs and SL being very busy. Although this is from my perspective and I understand it was probably very annoying from the players point of view. I did not notice the FPS/radio bug that we experienced last week, or the FPS memory leak bug either. The mission was a perfect length for a Tuesday and we finished just on time. Also SL and FTLs worked very well when it came to planning the two main assaults and moving through difficult terrain. Only very minor mistakes like building clearance missing the odd enemy and a little bit of literal fratricide at the end :slight_smile:

The mission itself was really well made I liked the intel triggers very much and the fact that it showed ALL the intel (including the patrols we already encountered, the ambushes the enemy planned etc.) even more. Great work there Zjosua !

We performed alright but there is some room for improvement. (Mostly on squad/fireteams movement and blue on blue incidents). I think the mission went smoothly mostly because there were (imo) not enough enemies compared to our own numbers and equipement.

Will there be a video of the mission?

Mission was interesting. OPORD was good and clear. Landscape was nice and fitting with the forces allocated. We managed to use the DMT and 12.7mm on HMMWVs very effectively due to plentitude of hills. Enemy numbers were somewhat small although that is expected of rebels. Still if the enemy chose to engage not retreat atleast focus their forces more. Lone gunmen on hills make sense but you would expect them to shoot and move not consistently wait to get killed (This being mostly ASR AI limitation I supppose).

Overall there were still issues with the radio. Same thing where radio messages just were never recieved or sent even if the other unit was 100-200m away in direct line of sight. At times I had to resort to manually giving orders over the direct comms.

Couple of things that could be done better in the future from leadership point of view:

  • Designate specific fireteam to handle both vehicles. Currently 2 fireteams had a vehicle which meant that they were under strength and not really combat effective infantry units. We managed but it was a bad choice.
  • Manage HMMWV reloading better. Currently we were lucky in that HMMWV sent to reload arrived just when the other one was about to run out of ammo. That would’ve meant losing any 12.7 cover we had. Luckily we did not.
  • As always comms could be better.
  • Equipped DMT with a lighter vehicle (Wanted to keep the 12.7mm HMMWV for reloads).

ye one day. I’m catching up on all those videos that are rotting on my PC

Sweet, thank you.