Coop: Castle Crashers

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Images of the intel found in the castle cellar

Good fun for DMT, lots to shoot at and fairly okay ranges once the wind calmed down. [user avatar=“” name=“Anarchy”]2292486[/user] was a good lead and real fun to spend the Op with.

One note for the future. If DMT is an option and Night is part of the op, you should always provide a secondary NVS for them. Once the darkness falls, it’s nearly impossible.

Nightbird had quite a bit of fun, miniguns arent exactly accurate but they do have a lot of ammo :slight_smile:

I think this was the first OP where we ran the new night vision settings? Just wanted to say I quite liked it. You still needed flares or other lights to properly see in dark environments. This made the cave such a difficult place to assault as we were mostly just shooting at shadows without a proper way to light it up.

It was the first night OP with the new settings. Glad you liked it and hope the dungeon made an interesting place as there was hardly any light except for the camp fires.
I loved people shouting at other people that tried to see something with a flashlight.
Glad everyone had fun. I messed up some stuff in the mission and will do better next time (map markers, scope box).
Look forward to part 2 as you have retrieved the plans!