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While my full length recording is being uploaded, you may enjoy a little highlight that involves [user avatar=“” name=“Hadassa”]853677[/user], [user avatar=“” name=“Dulabu”]11583892[/user] and unholy stairs.

Was a really good mission and I enjoyed it a lot so thanks for that Highway.

Things I liked:

  • Came under attack at just the right time at the very beginning just as we started moving out of La Moule. Great use of the now very nice smoke to move back into cover.
  • When we started to defend the steady stream of enemy was just the right balance of infantry and Armour for our numbers.
  • The use of helicopter and flanking enemy kept us on our toes which was cool.
  • The enemy within Montigac were well placed and not too many for our numbers even when they counter attacked.

Things to improve on:

  • Only one thing and that is don’t be so good in the enemy Armour :slight_smile: they were really good at only exposing the turret for there muzzle clearance so we could not get a shot on them. This meant we had to wait for then to move much closer which may have been part of the plan.

Great work all round for MAT nice working with Seb and Alex.

Just one for Alpha members watch the friendly fire myself and Alex where wiped by FF in Lamule and then shot at again on approach to Montigac. Listen to your leaders as to where friendly forces are operating and obviously leaders make sure you pass this information on.

Yeah to add on the Friendly fire. Whenever you guys are not sure and you spot SOFT contact, as in, the contacts did not spot you (aka they act like you are not there yet) do not fire first. Always ask your fireteam leader or squad leader as they usually know where the other elements are. Don’t be hasty. 5 extra seconds spent asking if the guys you see are friendly or not could save you killing a friendly member.

Nice mission, thanks [user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] I really liked how it turned out, it ended up being much more challenging than I expected.

Everyone in Alpha did an excellent job (a part from friendly firing upon MAT), we did communicate more than we are used to and it helped coordinating, kudos to [user avatar=“” name=“Lastmikoi”]17128302[/user] for his SL.

Yup, very good mission overall. I must however point out that while the friendly firing incident in the forest before montignac happened despite me communicating your position to my squad members (but it was quickly stopped and nobody got hurt), the friendly fire incident that happened in Le Moule is, I believe, the responsibility of PLT. I must however point out that hindsight is always different from what appears to be the proper choice do to at the time.

Indeed, when MAT moved forward, we were in the middle of a big push from the north and as such watching heavily north.

On my video recording, PLT calls out MAT to push forward north beyond the entrenched positions of A2, while I was in the middle of coordinating my team. As such I did not copy the order (the transmission wasn’t for me anyway) and was unable to transmit that information to A2.

In hindsight, I believe that [user avatar=“” name=“Racoon”]3891983[/user] did a very adequate job for a first platoon experience but it would definitively be useful for platoon commanders to make sure their elements do actually copy orders, especially when it comes to having elements overextending one’s line of defense.

I’d also like to point out that MAT has been much more aggressive than Alpha on that OP despite the fact that they are three times less strong. Whether that level of aggression is the baseline one (thus making my squad too passive) or not I don’t know.

What I saw on the CNTR was that MAT moved to prior possition of enemy. Generally, If person spotted a group of enemies there 1-2 minutes ago or there was some area fire on the place. Ppl simply think it have to be enemies and they shoot.
In the second case, I shot about 6 bullets as an area fire on the MAT but prior that there was a lot of area fire from everybody.

I see more tactical mistakes there. Which did lead to blue on blue. In both cases I see M-AT very agressive. And in both cases the move was not, I believe, the best idea, as in both cases, there just were risking their death, without any good possible outcome.

  1. except the MAT we were at beginning bunched up
  2. we probably wanted do bounding overwatch
  3. new situations happens - enemies
  4. only one moving group is MAT
  5. Platoon should flank to right side and stop MAT on flank position and let them hold there. Our team could provide suppressive fire.
    6. MAT flank so much into our fire line, that they get fire even from us and from the enemies they do not know about which could shot them, if it s not AI
    7. There are enemies behind MAT (and without binos nobody knows who is who)
  6. Every group is in fire line of the other group (I think it s not good idea)
  • blue line = bad fire line
  • black line = good fire line
  • green circle = theoretically good positions for attacking enemies

I believe that in both cases blue on blue lead from the agressivity of MAT in movement and lone wolf tactic positioning on places where we would expect an enemy not friend and MAT movement was naive, not taking in consideration that there can be enemies which they do not see.

Hey Mother,

Just to counter some of your arguments as you seem to be placing all the blame on MAT and our aggressive movements or positioning.

[quote user_id=“18447842” avatar=“” name=“Mother”] What I saw on the CNTR was that MAT moved to prior possition of enemy. Generally, If person spotted a group of enemies there 1-2 minutes ago or there was some area fire on the place. Ppl simply think it have to be enemies and they shoot.
In the second case, I shot about 6 bullets as an area fire on the MAT but prior that there was a lot of area fire from everybody.[/quote]

This is what a flanking manoeuvre looks like for reference throughout my reply.

  1. First I was given permission by Plt Lead to flank the enemy APC that was pinning us down to our north, we had been sat engaging enemy in the northern sector of town for 10mins and after eliminating what looked like the last enemy firing on us from the west there was a lull in battle I thought this was a good time to move quickly and destroy the APC then move back. What happened was we managed to get a shot off at the APC and destroy it (00:54:53) unfortunately loosing Seb in the process. It was on our way back when we were in defilade from the enemy that we were shot by friendly fire so the outcome was not death or a lack of impact on the enemy if we had not been wiped by FF so I totally disagree with your first observation well except about the aggressive part it was an aggressive move but not rash one. I asked to do this after 10mins of observing and fighting in the area. I think that just because enemy were there one minute and friendlies the next is not an excuse really for FF, I should have confirmed receipt of this information to Alpha though so they knew of our plans even if Plt already did so I think the failure here was one of communication not movement or tactics from my point of view at least.

  2. The second incident was a left flank through and through see below.

    Image 1 shows the classic Baseline with Alpha engaging the enemy. MAT are in a perfect position in the low ground to breach the tree line and flank the enemy. Please bare in mind though that at this time we did not know the exact position of the enemy only that Alpha looked as though they were pinned and being fire upon so we acted quickly.


    Image 2 shows MAT had bounded forward reached the trees and started to engage the contacts that were engaging Alpha we wiped them and then moved through to secure the area for Alpha’s advance.


    Image 3 shows that MAT had moved through the enemy position after clearing it and was holding for Alpha to regroup with us. I am unsure of exact comms on the night but again I assume the failure here was communication mainly from my part in not telling Alpha what was happening but there was no tactical mistake this is exactly what should happen on a flank minus the FF.


Anyway not a dig at you or your opinions just wanted to clarify that tactically there were no real mistakes everything can be done better of course in hindsight but the main failure was that of communications.

I don’t think we should be accused of lone wolfing at least not until I reached Montigac and had to go :slight_smile:

EDIT: You may also never know if when flanking that enemy may be hidden at in depth positions it is a risk you take every time you push the attack.

I always like to see the situation from other teams perspectives, it gives me better understanding what had being going on. :thumb:

If I should be perfectionist, MAT eliminated just one AI there, Teddy got second and others stood alive. They were not wiped-out at all, but retreated, and later almost succesfully attacked from left flank. (CNTR point of view)

I do not believe that flank does mean always to go at enemy position. If it would be at open desert map Takistan on open Altis, shooting on 400m and not 100m who would go there. Generally, I think, you just need to know their group was eliminated and/or does not pose threat anymore. ((?) or you really have to go on that possition?))

I know vanilla AIs does not coop/flank but GM can :slight_smile: and it does the game much more realistic, what I did like on last two Highways missions :thumb:

Btw, I want say of course sorry for the shooting at you MAT, it was intended to be just area fire but it was a close one :slight_smile: Im glad it did not hit anybody.

My point of view as Alpha’s SL:

Just leaving this here


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