Coop: Burning East

Let your feedback here.

Hey guys and ladies,

I will start the feedback report abou today operation.

I have to say that this Op was first Op I really enjoyed to be a Zeus.

You did great work there. Eliminated a loooot of tanks and MRAPs.

I heve been working on this mission for some time so I had (from Zeus perspective) time to rehearse the mission… And I think that rehearsing mission and what the players would do assumption, is greate thing.

I have to say just very very good word about everybody in todays mission. I did spotted some less problematic things like bunching up and not taking cover behind properly (feeling too much save) but genneraly I think it was due to ppl (people) being down and taking care of.

I believe the UAV and the DAGGER, MAT really did very good work - both were very effective and destroyed at least 10 tanks and some MRAPS.

I should admit that I hitted DAGGER by RPGs about 3x. So, maybe the MAT team coul be innocent, but maybe not - Im still waiting on the CNTR replay.

Im sorry for the problems with the resupplies. I was really complaining 2x about that, that there is some problem with that… Today it looked like if you copy—paste—and you let it paradrop-it does not work (it resets). So, I do not know but probably the resupplyes from the base with trucks, were working well. (thx guys you took it there for platoon !)

The same with the IDAP boxes - I did placed there ammo, blood bags, bandages, rockets - but it was not working on server. It worked just locally for me on my home pc server.

I think the PLT did good work, by trying repeatedly communicate with HQ, even when HQ not responding back (as I was not use on in before). (I think I used the Alt+Caps lock radio instead the Ctrl+caps lock radio)

So, generally Im happy you enjoyed the mission at debriefing and you really worked well organized, all time together :slight_smile: and you made the mission well organized.

(I was really happy you were respecting the yellow smokes and the forest fires !! :slight_smile: I did not expected so well role play at all !! CNTO rules, Thx to everybody !!)

I want to say, wonderful mission. Absolutely worth postponing it for the numbers. The UAV aspect was really cool, and us as dagger always had something to do or see. It was amazingly laid out, balanced and excellently zeused, and I eagerly look forward to your next mission! :d