Coop - Bunker Busters

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Thought it was very good mission. Paradropping behind enemy lines & roaming around to blow things up is always fun. Having a restricted timeframe was also interesting & meant we had to move around fast, especially since we took the risk of accomplishing the secondary objective first.
I liked the SAS loadout, cool guns & cool uniforms.

Performance wise, I thought we did a good job, the first assault showed us our rear security was rubbish but A1 could finish the job. For objective Titan, until we reached the spheres, things wen’t well, movement was nice & quick. Communication between fireteams was efficient & no friendly fire incident was reported.

Thanks a lot for the mission [user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] ! Would love to play variations of this mission in the future, what you built at the beach looked great !