Coop - Broken Arrow

Please post your experiences from this mission.

Mine to follow:

Enjoy Broken Arrow Part 1 from my perspective.


I’m generally really bad with rifle grenades, but those first two @ 7:50 were mine and landed right on the money. :smiley:
18:05 also mine!

I think the first part went reasonably well, considering we had pretty bad visibility due to the darkness. Then we became sitting ducks and if the enemy was organized enough, they would probably wipe us out as we couldn’t see them on the hill (without them shooting) and the base was pretty badly positioned in a valley, essentially. So a smart attacking force would bring some troops up close and then engage from both the hills and in CQB, making us distracted and dead.
I’m not surprised the base got overrun in the first place. :smiley:

The extraction was also decent, would be better without the pilot (?) turning off the engine during takeoff. :slight_smile:

Dachi, you can ctrl-double-click on an enemy to remote control it, it’s an Ares feature. Unfortunately, it also brings up MCC menu, but just hit escape immediately to close it down. Still much faster than going into the right menu. … Or use the ACE3 zeus menu - remote control is also there.

Dont forget i ejected and fell 5 meters at that time :LOL:

Nice video Dachi! I’ve always wanted to see our events from the GMs perspective.

Off topic question for you. How do you get your FPS to show in the bottom right corner?

What I’ve learnt is that [user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] is far too kind and should have murdered many more.

Unfortunately I can not post part 2 after making part 1 my recording got corrupted some how, which is a shame there was some really good footage in part 2.