Coop - Bright Lights

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Meeting [user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user] on the road. <- [user avatar=“” name=“Jash”]16385839[/user]

Some video proof


Very good mission, unit performed really well (can’t remember last time we had only few losses). Thanks Shiny.

Very nice mission Shiny. When I read the briefing first I didn’t really like that the plan was pretty much already made, but "luckily" we had a very low turnout which meant that it didn’t matter much.

Also thanks for using my faction/composition. It was nice to see them put to use this quick <3

Now that was a very beautiful crash me and [user avatar=“” name=“Flo”]16433725[/user] had. I must say that I feel like Flo came over in my lane as you can see on the video :stuck_out_tongue: Most of the middleeast is driving on the right, right?

It was a fun mission Shiny, thank you! The preplanned execution was suitable for our numbers & meant we could start faster. You managed to balance things pretty well with the low turnout.

I also thought [user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] did a good a job as SL executing the plan of action. Artillery was used proficiently as it should & it helped us a lot.
Few points on the leading:

  • Don’t forget to give clear instructions for FT movement (map markers, distances…) which you did well when we were assaulting the village.
  • Keep the squad updated on what the other elements are doing (in this case MMG), sometimes I didn’t know what they were doing (but maybe it was just me).

Regarding the loadout, the compact ACR-E does not zero with its iron sights. Don’t know if it’s true of all versions or if it’s only that one. It’s also a really loud gun for a 5.56. I thought the 6.8 is a bit better in that regard. Otherwise, the fireworks show presented by MMG was impressive.

Very fun mission. I don’t know how I feel about the plan being set already… Obviously it speeds up the planning but it also takes away a lot of the input that platoon/SL has. Perhaps we could draw up a plan if it is agreed upon in advance on the forums?

Planning aside I tried to use artillery as often as possible, this, combined with overall good gameplay from everyone, limited the casualties to around 3.

Thanks for the feedback [user avatar=“” name=“Stuka”]17454636[/user]. In my defense MMG had a very static role so there wasn’t much to be said aside from them move once.