Coop: Borders Unbroken

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Leave feedback here

Hey guys thanks for the mission and great turn out.

Here is the script from TTP3 on the convoy points I brought out because I know you ain’t gonna look yourself.


and a slightly more silly one: Fuel - YouTube

The mission itself was fun to play and I like the fact it was different from the other two that i have played. however some AUG did not have the ability to equip a flash light or detach the default scope, well for me at least i could do neither one. I also found driving HMMWV quite enjoyable and challenging because it was my first time driving at night believe it or not. last of all the friendly fire towards the end of the mission could of been avoided but shit happens and some how i survive it dont know how lol.

That works on land too. Just jump out at the last second and you only have a little way to fall!

Good point, we didn’t take the final compound in a very well organised manner. As Platoon I should have marked buildings or groups of buildings just in case both squads had to coordinate. Also like I said in the debriefing it is best if doing a dual attack to make sure you are no more than 90 degrees apart in you directions of attack. Under the circumstances it would have been best to halt Alpha since they had to deal with casualties and let Bravo move in.