Coop - Blue Sky

Map: United Sahrani
Time: 1630
Weather: Medium overcast
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Arba”]17914993[/user]


I Situation:

Relations between the Kingdom of Sahrani (KoS) and Sahrani Socialist Republic (SSR) severely deteriorated in the past few months following arrests of dozens of Monarchy nationals in SSR. Diplomatic missions to secure their release failed after SSR accused arrested individuals of subverting the socialist order, actions against the state, and treason. Bogus trials were set up after which the captives were promptly executed.

KoS retaliated by introducing severe economic sanctions, which proved to be a major blow to economically weak SSR. In order to stifle growing unrest among its population, SSRs leadership decided to invade its wealthy neighbour and take its resources.

Royal Army Corps of Sahrani (RACS) was caught unprepared for such an attack and its formations quickly fell into disarray. Border city of Corazol, which is divided between KoS and SSR, quickly fell into SSR hands, which was followed by further mass arrests of civilians. Status of those civilians is currently unknown.
RACS is still regrouping and is unable to offer any real resistance to invaders, which is why the Emergency War Council of Kingdom of Sahrani decided to bring in Task Force Noctem to lead the effort of liberating the country and defeating the invaders.

With Corazol liberated, TFN can focus on pushing into the enemy territory. Recon forces spotted an Anti-air radar in a nearby enemy FOB, which, coupled with enemy AA positions, prevents us from using air support on a larger scale. Massive enemy movement has been spotted in a valley just NE of Corazol. Enemy has occupied the village of Modesta and set up a vehicle ressuply station which is used to support BM-21s that have been firing on the KoS territory.
SSR army has been spotted occupying an old fort just South of Modesta which is providing an excellent overwatch over the whole valley.

Friendly Forces:

[] Task Force Noctem
] Royal Army Corps of Sahrani

Assets in this mission are a combination of borrowed RACS vehicles, old US donated equipment, and some of TFNs own vehicles.

[] 6x KAMAZ (open)
] 4x RG-33 (M2)
[] 2x M1220 (M2 CROWS)
] 4x M1025A2 (M2)
[] 1x MRZR 4
] 2x UH-60M

Enemy Forces:

[*] Sahrani Liberation Army
SLA is equiped with assets from former Warsaw Pact countries. Presence of medium and heavy armour is unlikely, but possible.


[*] Civilian populace has been evacuated from Corazol. Status of Modestas residents is unkown, but it is unlikely that SSR army allowed them to stay.

II Mission:

[] Destroy anti-air radar located in the enemy base codenamed OBJ Dire
] Destroy or provide cover to RACS while capturing enemy BM-21s located by the FOB codenamed OBJ Ramah
[] Eliminate the garrison at OBJ Sahm
] Find and disable enemy AA positions

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[*] Perform a swift attack on enemy positions while minimising friendly and civilian casulties.[/list][/indent]

Movement Plan

[*] All tactical decisions are left to the TFNs leadership on the ground. TFN forces are, however, advised not to approach cities of Obregan and Mercalillo. [/list][/indent]

IV Administration / Logistics:


[*] Resupply by ground or air on PLTs request.[/list][/indent]


[] At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in smallest transport vehicle which can hold reinforcements
] Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO
[*] Several side missions are prepared for players awaiting reinsertion which are to be explained in briefing and before each side mission starts.

Album with recon photographs: Photobucket | Make your memories fun!

If I understand the mission correctly, this is behind enemy lines operation?

No, front line assault.

The map says Corazol is divided, that’s a mistake?

No, that marks the RACS front lines, you won’t find any friendlies north of that line, but Corazol has been completely liberated.

Made up a little plan, quite simple but might work.

Basically involves 2 stages, the attack on Sahm en the attack on dire.
The plan revolves on getting infantry close to the objective safe.

I intend to do this using MAT-deployed smoke coupled with the suppression provided by the 50 cal.
The white squares would be where mat deploys their smoke followed by an infantry assault on the white lines while the crows suppress. Any large clusters of enemies can be engaged by HE-rockets, MAT could also shoot some HE rockets on a range limiter set to detonate over the objective.

The valley in between both objectives should be avoided as it would put us in a crossfire that would be devastating. Meaning that any attack on objective Ramah should happen after all other objectives have been neutralized.

Purple crosses mark possible OP’s

This plan is for the discussion with [user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] , if anyone wants to know this plan before tomorrow send me a message and I will explain it :slight_smile:

[user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] - think your approach is too steep, it will be an uphill battle really. Think Racoon’s approach to objective one is better as it will provide some suppressing fire towards the objective + it is more gentle in terms of terrain. Knowing Arma, it will be all open terrain and Dagger will need to climb up.

[user avatar=“” name=“Racoon”]3891983[/user] - approach to second and third objective is not bad, but why not use hill 146 for recon? Obviously it’s out of range of supporting fires but still you’ll get much better idea of how to proceed.

[user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] Using hill 146 for DMT might be a good choice. The only problem we face would be to getting DMT there safely. They could either wait for OBJ Sahm to be secure and then move up, or they could risk their lives and try to sneak there themselfs. If they would do the latter it would take them a good amount of time to reach their destination and after that there isn’t much reason for them to do anything else.

[user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] The approach is supposed to be fast and without a single shot from the attacking infantry, I thought that would be the fastest approach as crossing an open area is most certainly death, uphill or not. Raccoon’s route provides a less steep climb but also a narrow corridor if we want to avoid OBJ Ramah raining hell on us