Coop - Blue Night

Map: United Sahrani
Time: 19:00
Weather: Clear
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Arba”]17914993[/user]

I Situation:

With Bagango captured and its Generals dead, SSR Army is at the brink of the collapse. However, a significant group of loyalists is still putting up a fight to NW of Bagango. After the capture of Bagango, RACS forces found destroyed remains of Soviet-made missile launcher vehicle. Furthermore, several captured soldiers claim that they saw even more similar vehicles leaving the city just before TFN assault.

While RACS forces push further NW of Bagango, you are to assault the town of Pita, which houses the last SSR airfield. Do not expect a friendly welcome as majority of Pitas residents consist of military perssonel. Troops there are in active retreat so you have to move in before any information about the missile launcher vehicles is destroyed. If their existance proves to be true, find and destroy them before they launch their payload.

SSR propaganda has been hard at work showing images of civilians that died during the assault on Bagango which means that the remaining populace on SSR territory will be hostile towards us. Refrain all large settlements to avoid any conflicts with civilians.

Friendly Forces:

[] Task Force Noctem
] Royal Army Corps of Sahrani

Assets in this mission are a combination of borrowed RACS vehicles and some of TFNs own vehicles.

[] 2x Stider HMG
] 2x WY-55 Hellcat
[] 1x CH-49 Mohawk
] 1x AH-6M Little Bird (Armed)

Enemy Forces:

[*] Sahrani Liberation Army
SLA is equiped with assets from former Warsaw Pact countries. Presence of medium and heavy armour is likely.


[*] Unkown

II Mission:

[]Scour the town of Pita for any information regarding the missile laucher vehicles
]If the existance of vehicles proves to be true, find and destroy them

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[*] Verify the existence of, find, and destroy missile vehicles.[/list][/indent]

Movement Plan

[*] All tactical decisions are left to the TFNs leadership on the ground. [/list][/indent]

IV Administration / Logistics:


[*] Resupply by air on PLTs request.[/list][/indent]


[] At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in smallest transport vehicle which can hold reinforcements
] Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO
[*] Several side missions are prepared for players awaiting reinsertion which are to be explained in briefing and before each side mission starts.

Can you actually cross that terrain to the South with Striders?
Don’t know if I would even try so I’d just use the CH-49 to drop everyone at LZ Pluto & then follow the routes & sectors in order.
To dispose of the missile lauchers & heavy armor, Reaper in the armed AH-6M could do the trick.
As far as elements go, 2 squads if we have the numbers, if not I suppose MAT to provide additional solutions against heavy armor.

All roads go through towns which are to be avoided. One possibility is going offroad but be vary of time spent since time is a precious resource here.
AH-6M Little Bird is armed only with miniguns and as such might not be suitable for dealing with heavy armour.

Yeah the first insertion should definitely be via Air then.
You are not very generous man. Then MAT is essential.

Out in the distance you can hear a mumbling: "Here we go having to gut Bravo again".

I know this is not the place to do so but MAT being essential while we aren’t sure to field two squads is problematic in my opinion, no matter the mission or the background. I’d recommend the GM to have a backup plan to have friendly AI anti armor assets being useable. I’d hate as a platoon to be forced to pick MAT.

We can have the MAT asset without a dedicated MAT team, preserving the two-squad structure - just have MAT join Bravo, replacing the second fireteam, being under command of Bravo SL. They’re all riflemen first, they have guns and can use them.

Probably better than MAT played by AI.

Other possibility is that GM will spawn some AIs with RPGs, so we can take it by PLT order or permission. The RPGs are greate :smiley:

I can just foggy estimate that the big red circles will be the possible areas with the rocket launchers or unfriendly settlements. (?)

To add to the plan:
On mission start, Reaper takes off in the Little Bird to recon Pita & it’s surroundings & confirm the LZ.
Reaper will be used to relocate the infantry quickly with the Mohawk if intel shows the missile lauchers are not in Pita.

Small request, could we have AT & AP mines?