Coop - Blue Hammer

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After Infantry vehicle coordination training

a) i wasnt at the training
b) i was drunk driving
c) you need blood (Shails why is the blood gone)


I had a lot of fun during this mission, thanks Price & Berenton for GMing!

I expected a mission failure from the start when Churizo picked the SL slot… Nah I’m joking. I did expect a failure after seeing the number of objectives we had to clear though. Urban combat is always very difficult & takes a LONG time.

With that said, it meant we had almost non stop action with EI flanking & keeping the pressure up. Shails had a lot of work and did great maintaining us alive.
I found Churizo’s leadership and overall communication were good, especially since things went FUBAR very, very fast.

I actually quite enjoyed this operation. When planning out I had the same concern that Stuka shared in that there were a lot of objectives for such a small group, I figured the initial villages were going to be quite easy… BIG mistake…
Something I learned from the operation would definitely be that before moving down into a village the surrounding hills should be cleared first (this would easier if we had more people on) in order to prevent getting caught in a crossfire.

Some slight remarks for the GM:
In the OPORD there should be a clear description of the vehicles we are getting that includes the full name of the vehicle. This heavily influences the decision on what units the commander chooses.
Be sure to sort out optional and main objectives. In the OPORD clearing the tunnels was mentioned as optional but in debrief it sounded more like the main objective.

All in all we can agree that MMG and Medic are both MVP

PS found a nice picture from Vietnam…

I’m glad everyone had fun, and If we keep FATA (which I hope we do) pending the map removal decision I want to run a part 2 so you guys can clear out those tunnels, caves and finally assault the capital. You guys eliminated hundreds of contacts so it shouldn’t be so difficult next time. I’m wondering if anyone took any more video footage? It’d be amusing to review. I think Seb’s video perfectly represents the professionalism of CNTO convoy discipline.