Coop - Blue Blood

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Had a bloody fantastic time on this mission; pacing was excellent, difficulty was just right and every member of the platoon performed brilliantly, particularly those of us from Alpha that were left to hold the bridges when we lost radio comms with the rest of the platoon.

For a mission that was entirely CQB, we did especially well. Don’t think I’ve ever seen us perform so well. It also illustrated brilliantly just how slow it is to gain ground in an urban environment (Took 2 hours to cross a few hundred metres of City.)

Big thanks to Arba for the excellent mission, as well as the rest of Alpha for the excellent teamwork.

frustratingly my internet was so bad that churizo kept getting hurled comically out of my aircraft. Even when he was flying I was being chucked to my death. The latency was terrible, and when I got a littlebird instead, I ran into severe radio issues, teamspeak disconnects and other internet related fuckery, before being kicked by battleye mid flight. I would have really enjoyed this mission asside from that, I liked it when we got a missile alert and just managed to avoid it. I am also demoralized from being pilot again because my rotor touched the leaf of a tree and the helicopter came off much worse than the leaf when landing at base.

Berenton wasn’t here so I could play DMT for the 2nd time since I joined CNTO, hurray!
Mission was good fun. Lots of enemies to spot as DMT and then a lot of enemies to shoot, until Argon blew me up with his grenade.

Thanks Arba for the great mission & the little side objectives, those were very entertaining as well.

No need to be demoralized Price, you and Churizo, and then you alone in a Littlebird, did an amazing job. You’re the reason I had to spawn more then 50 extra AI because you killed so many reds that the rest of the guys went through the city too fast :smiley:

I think you’ll find by looking at viscom that Abel manning the MMG got most if not all of those kills. The minigun was too indirect, and I had to move fast to avoid being hit with small arms, nor could I stick around for long with man porable AA down on the ground. Would prefer something with explosive ammo next time or some well placed rockets. Miniguns are good for disabling moving small vehicles, but I never really hit much infantry (at least critically) with them unless I put myself at extreme risk. Even then I’d prefer a rocket to disable a small vehicle.

I got literally no kills that mission (I did knock some troops on the ground unconcious though) Churizo didn’t either until he abandoned the helicopter, grabbed a rifle and moved in on the ground, at which point he got lots of kills.

Very good CQB mission. A lot of action. The civilians were good thing, it always made me check target before shooting. Always was looking for EI blue helmets, easy to PID. Did like a lot the enemy push against us so we were forced to retreat and regroup.

Have a feeling for the OPORD making thing with you Arba :slight_smile: It s rerally hell. (working on it too)

Note: "select unit + alt + drag" can change the alttitude of the unit and move it into the block of flats floors. It should work but it s very time costly.

The unenterable buildings are probably made about 16 years ago for the Operation Flashpoint (Arma 1). It s not so bad thing for the CQB as it make the advance quicker and less dangerous.

Had FPS from 60 (1300m) out of city to 26-46 in the city (view distance 500m)
(change of settings does not helped - as I believe yet, it s the engine thing, it simply can not make enough effective computation (?)… lets say it s like complicated calculations made it Excell, max one core spikes CPU on 80% others on about 25-35%) (tested in Zeus and about 10 agains 10 squads make my FPS drop from 60 to 30 when placed on map, when they get shooting at each other it goes to 15 FPS, still the CPU runs on max 70% one core, others 20-35%, ((or can I have a Slow ram memmory or it stress so much GPU (?) It have to be the engine :slight_smile: ) Dead bodies still influence the FPS downwards, but it s cool.

Even though we have had missions in this city many times before this time it felt much more interesting. I think you balanced the enemy well and the placement seemed much more realistic in terms of the grouping and placement. Much better than clearing cities where every other house appears to have been claimed by one or two guys who are going to settle down there :slight_smile: In addition the barricades and extra buildings made it more interesting to move around in and defend.

My PoV as Alpha 2 FTL, then SL later down where the skills of my people were needed the most: retreating.

Lower resolutions are still being uploaded.

Oh yeah, I should not swallow my mic next time I want to talk. Apologies for that.

A little highlight of the OP where you can see an Italian dude taking a 40mm load in the face.