Coop - Bloody Clover

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CNTO supports LGBTQ communities, it warms my heart!

Man that drove this truck wants to be your new SSgt.

Pretty good Op, had fun :slight_smile:

When the civilian took out his gun 2 meters from me, it was really surprising :smiley: (I was sure the Op ended for me in that moment :smiley: )

(which corps would not shoot a civilian in real life when takes gun on others like that)

Good things:

  • I did like the weather and time
  • Good thing was prohibition of house checks
  • The EI tent camp was good surprise
  • Zip-ties were greate idea
  • Checking for enemies and arms among civilians was cool
  • Did like the role-playing


  • Lack of zip-ties, handcufs

  • You can check person’s inventory only, if they are zip-tied

  • I had feeling like we are rushing to much in the last city. Some AI’s were left in city and they attacked us into our back.

Great mission [user avatar=“” name=“Stuka”]17454636[/user] . Different from most other OPs we play. I really liked the roleplaying you did and I really became more nervous after hearing some of the stories the locals were telling so good job on that part.

Because I heard [user avatar=“” name=“Flo”]16433725[/user] mention this in the debrief I like to talk about it for a moment. He was suprised by platoons choice to let Bravo stand on the edge of the city in the first town. The reason for this had to do with the information we had at the time. We only knew some rebels were hidding among the civilians. We had no idea of the situation in the town, anything could have been going on. There could have been boobytraps, hostage situations, corrupt officers etc. If there would be something going on in the town, I would not have known which team was in which part and I would not be able to coordinate a rescue/attack mission. After the town did not seem to be in immediate danger I decided it was safe enough for you guys to start scouting around it. In the towns after this I had a bit more intel and I felt more confident to send out more teams in the town itself.