Coop - Black Voodoo Magic on Tanoa

Earth is kil.

Thanks for everyone’s patience again while my campaign mission was falling apart.

RIP for the campaign mission, was really looking forward to it :frowning:

I’m not a big fan of jungle action, as enemy tends to have the tactical advantage and I can’t see them (I DID have my glasses on I swear). We were also going up a hill so the disadvantage was doubled, I was very happy for the objective to change to a urban environment.
Couple of negative points:

  • radio comms on ALPHA were constant and it felt like there was so much confusion about things, we had SL to FTL, medic with everyone else, FTLs to their team members. Is it because SL also acted as PLT or is this normal and I forgot? :smiley:
  • probably as a consequence of the previous point, the movement in assaulting the city and the subsequent urban movement was quite confusing and I’d say not properly organized. We were bunched up most of the times and no smooth/smart movements between the two fireteams.

One last thing, I passed out at one point and it took me a solid 10 minutes to be up again. I know the situation was really hard for our forces because we were still in the jungle, but after another 10 minutes of playing I passed out again and decided to respawn. This is an issue that was mentioned in this thread, personally I’d rather die than being a revenant and perhaps having more frequent re-insertions.

Anyway, I’m really sorry your original mission didn’t work! I also spotted the nuclear drone so I’m very proud of myself. Thank you for the impromptu mission :slight_smile:

This is something I have pointed out at times as well during debriefs when I’m either SL or FTL. For the majority of the squad, the 343 is a listening device to stay up to date on what is going on and what current orders are. Unless there is an emergency (danger close infantry, unexpected vehicle threat, mass casualties etc.) the only people who should be actively and continuously use the radio are the SL and the two FTLs (or an AAR if the FTL is down). Already with three active participants, the short-range 343 can get cluttered, but more than that, and it’s almost guaranteed.

In most non-emergency situations people should attempt to relay what they want to say through their direct element leaders: e.g.

  • AR spots a patrol, medium-range distance in SAFE mode -> tell your FTL and he/she will call it in for everybody on the 343.
  • Medic wants to know if generally anyone needs a stitch while the element is on the move -> tell the SL and he/she will relay via 343.

That way the squad can cut down on people stepping over each other on the radio and turning comms into messy situations where vital information gets drowned out by non-vital chatter.