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  1. Someone helping RPR get boats in the sea
  2. Baby boats taking cover by the momma boat
  3. Stowaway on the exfil chopper
  4. Having a single pair of googles is apparently not cool enough for [user avatar=“” name=“Smehlik”]19154067[/user]

Can I just say I love the new medical tweaks to the system? It’s so much more fun now being a medic. Every minute you are off treating someone else, carrying someone unconscious, making sure they have enough blood, putting the tourniquet on someone in a better state in order to deal with a worse state patient first and so on. So much more to do. By the end of the mission all 3 medics ran out of blood to give and I ran out of bandages too. Really like the new medical system and I think I’ll choose to be a medic way more often from now on.

I really enjoyed this mission overall. The only thing I would change is the beach assault, still not convinced about forcing us to do that but I guess we did it.
On that point I think that the coordination was not good enough between the boat and the helicopters. This is of course my fault, I should’ve coordinated way better between the two.

Other than that I think we did quite well, as soon as we secured a foothold on the beach we pushed into the town very effectively.

As always feel free to send me any feedback you may have. From yesterday I was able to gather that I: "Fucking Suck" pretty good all-round feedback there.

[user avatar=“” name=“Arba”]17914993[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Demzee”]10762588[/user] How did you feel about being pilot and crew chief in the same heli for most of the mission? Did it work well or was it quite boring?

I mentioned it to Arba after the mission, but I guess it may be useful to other pilots - you can parachute cargo into the AO from a chopper without GM involvement. Instead of sling-loading an ammo box, land and load it in the cargo ( small one is 2 spaces, big one is 8 ). Then, when flying overhead at a constant speed and straight line, use ACE interaction on the helicopter and drop it. Watch out, though, as it’s not instant and takes some 20-30 seconds to "prepare" the drop, so plan ahead and slow down enough.
It’s recommended that the co-pilot does the dropping, just in case.

Obviously, this does not work with vehicles … unless you’re flying a vehicle capable of vehicle transport, like the Apex vanilla VTOL.

I’ll try to not repeat myself for the 3rd time so: the mission was great. I often feel that the missions are done in a way that we can, more or less easily, complete them and I never feel worried about failing. BTW hint to other mission makers and zeuses: if we start losing position or just straight up too many of us die don’t go easy on us all of a sudden. It breaks immersion(at least for me) and makes no sense. IMO the way out of it is to maybe not crush us because this won’t be fun for anyone but attack with 70% of force? this way we’re still fucked but we can try to run away. I got a little bit of the track, back to the topic, it was great to finally have some chaos(oh boy the town(especially) and oil factory…) and actually be worried about all of our people. I was out for quite a while so I may think there was more chaos than there really was but I only knew what my team’s doing and later at some point we crossed out paths with yellow(alpha) and then again we split off. It was really harsh in the town and it made me think if we’re doing OK as a squad/platoon. I also think that medical system made up for our mistakes so even tho’ it was very harsh we were able to make it and feel as it was twice as harsh :smiley: . Great mission really liked it.

What I did not like are the freaking russians. Don’t get me wrong, the AI works great, I even got two tapped once and mixed with 2nd zeus it makes for a great experience BUT the armour values are INSANE!!! I vividly remember being told that my team’s movement is lovely, might have given me too much confidence :stuck_out_tongue: , and right after that we’re clearing a building and there’s a guy inside. 1st guy shot him like 6 times, I did 3 or 4 and we both went down. Surviving 9-10 hits is just wrong. IDK if they were using 7.62 or 5.45 ammo but if I can die from two shots(not headshots) and he can’t… not sure what to say. Is it the realism? Is it that they were wearing some AR-500(-like) steel plates and we had some light lvl 1 armour or what?

Also a hint for missions where the zeus/mission maker wants you to do a brutal beach assault or something similar - set more respawns and make our base closer to the place. Depends on how harsh it will be emergency respawn might be enough(like it was on this mission) but if you plan a larger scale assault then set a rule for additional respawns like "if 50% of our forces die we get a reinsertion during beach assault" or "every 10 minutes during beach assault we will get a reinsertion". This way you can die like a hero storming beaches of Normandy AND experience the rest of the mission without 1 hour long wait :smiley: Just my 2 cents tho’.

And also… Churizo, you fucking S U C C
(but for reals, I was FTL so can’t give you any feedback rly)

[user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] I mostly liked it. DMZ and I were joking so the time went by quickly. There weren’t any dangers to RPR after the beach landing so transporting humvees got a bit tedious. We shifted positions after a while so we both got a chance to fly which was pretty great. Supporting infantry advance later in the mission was pretty fun, as well. I especially liked the coordination between DMZ and myself during the final exfil while we both had our own helicopters. I would love to do that again.

[user avatar=“” name=“Tropical”]16434735[/user] In the current state, Russians have armour values of IV, while US faction we use has armour value of II which leads to unbalanced fights. That will change with the upcoming faction update in which all official factions get vests and helmets with armour values of IV. Hopefully, I’ll have time to get it up and running before Friday.

I know it’s probably not the right place, but just a quick one, won’t it be better to give every faction level 2 or maybe 3? I never enjoyed spamming half of my magazine into the enemies and I think everyone can say the same…

I’m talking about official factions. AI factions have varying degrees of armour protection.

I really liked the mission, very intense and hard =) like i said: "flying in a aircraft under fire while fixing holes with duck tape"!

Check out my video for Alpha 1 Action


This was an excellent mission with variety and different kinds of fighting . I really enjoyed the beach landing as I was in the boat patching people up as they manned the guns. The pilots did a great job with all the transport and facing a scary unknown AA situation. When it comes to mission design just remember players will always take longer than you think to clear even small towns because CQB is so deadly.

It was a really fun mission great job Racoon! The idea to force us to storm a beach with bunkers 10 meters from the water was maybe a little aggressive - but still a lot of fun.