Coop: Black Money

Leave some feedbacks and videos!

I liked the idea, the map was used very well!

As usual though, I noticed we tend to rush things quite a bit and it was chaotic from the get go from my perspective. Cover wasn’t good, coordination with Alpha Red Team was poor and CoC wasn’t exactly at its best IMHO. Though it can very well be due to the lower numbers.

I also really enjoyed navigating the oil rigs! More enemies next time!

Glad you liked the missions, not sure if I do another oil rig again. Was a bit unsure if the map was too small with the speed we have had the last couple of missions.
Just in case, I have tweaked the landing areas to make the landing a bit smoother and saved that and any other changes I have made to it.

I loved COC this mission. It was great walking with fire teams and adjusting on the fly. Would absolutely love more big town clearing without having to enter every building in the same trend we had yesterday.
The approach to the first and second objective were great. We covered our sectors perfectly, cutting off a counter attack from the north. And DMT took out some high value targets and covered a sector while Alpha moved in from the south.
The last objective was also great because DMT again took out high value static targets and then we all assaulted while Platoon cut off the East and DMT cut off the West. Making the forces not being able to push out of the town or flank but instead be trampled by Alpha almost instantly.

Great job on the island everyone! I hope we can play more like this, it felt super dynamic and fun.

I really disliked the oil rigs though (it’s not you, it’s me). When I read it in the OPORD that is what made me not want to lead but because none else wanted to I picked it up. Oil rigs are not on the map and you don’t know the layout. So you can not make plans for it. Going up the oil rig always kills shit loads of people and causes a cluster fuck and all you can communicate is move north or north east instead of giving Fireteams/Squads their own tasking of clearing a specific sector/floor or building. If there was a way to plan these things ahead it would be much better in my opinion but even from the OPORD or the view on the beach I knew I was not going to do any commanding or leading since it’s impossible.