Coop - Belts and Dust

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Map: Kunduz
Time: 1145
Weather: Clear
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user]


I Situation:

We have received intel that the enemy is hiding ammunition and weapons in specific compounds throughout Kunduz. We are to move out and check these compounds through for enemy activity and destroy any caches found.

Friendly Forces:

[*] >>Task force noctem<<


[indent][list][*] 2x M113A3 unarmed

Enemy Forces:

[] Insurgents - no armour
] The enemy tends to use guerilla warfare tactics. IED’s are not expected though.


[*] Civilians are present but no threat.

II Mission:

Check marked locations on map. Destroy ammo caches if found with provided explosives.

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[*] Commander’s intent is that all found caches are destroyed and enemy positions are cleared.[/list][/indent]

Movement Plan

[*] Up to platoon lead.[/list][/indent]

IV Administration / Logistics:


[*] Supplies can be found at base.


[] At predesignated times, an armed escort vehicle will be sent by platoon lead to escort reinforcements from the base
] Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO[/list][/indent]

Might mention couple of things I’ve already said on debriefing.

Racoon seemed to know what he was doing, didn’t even notice anyone in leadership was inexperienced. Wasn’t on PLT net but everything seemed nice and fluid on map. Engineer team could’ve been useful on this map by building trenches if we chose to fight in the open. Using M113 with MMG gunner on top was very nice and effective, we should do that more.

One thing to improve is planning time. Whatever you do you need to plan, communicate, execute (and adapt) and assess (rinse and repeat). From planning to executing shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. Executing takes longest and then again assessment of situation shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 minutes.

[user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user]
Very nice mission, clever placement of AI, smart rebel counter-attacks, overall immersive. It would be nice to sometimes be ambushed when not expecting eg. any RTB-ing element. Anything from just a single enemy to couple, or more at the final RTB. It would keep everyone on their toes and add potential content when you’d otherwise be just driving.

Everyone seemed to know what they were doing; we only had 3 casualties (?).


DMT is quite funny to play with the new smokes. Anytime you need to find friendlies, you just look for the giant plumes of cloud developing on the skyline.

Great mission. Man I felt alive when we performed the tactical over open terrain assault. Too bad Ozzie forgot he can shoot back at the enemies.

That suicidal stalingrad charge could have worked better if you guys coordinated with us in MMG better. We were meant to cover you but got engaged by a fireteam followed by a full squad. We won the fight but lost our gunner in the process as well as our long range. I tried to contact you on short range channel 1 as we ran for the gun and ran back to the firing position but you guys were already charging. If you had waited a minute, we could have set up the MMG and taken out all the contacts on the roofs of the compound as well as suppressed the enemy. Its just as simple as checking in over the radio that we are set up to provide covering fire… if we don’t respond, assume something terrible could have happened and try to raise us again, Try and get a visual on us, understand the situation. finally try switching to our short-wave frequency to ask for a sitrep from someone, or wait for us to deal with our problems and contact you or anyone on your short-wave frequency. Don’t just charge blindly forward for the sake of innertia.

One important thing to remind, I’ve seen it happening recently on missions; If you join late or respawn at base for any reason during the mission, you’re not allowed to leave the base until next reinsertion. You must stay within the base perimeter, whatever defines it: walls, island, etc. We have predesignated times at which dead or JIP players are allowed to re-enter the AO. Those who go out of their way to engage enemies in AO (when otherwise not intended by GM or HQ) waste resources that are intended for the mission as planned by GM and HQ. Members who do go out of their way to abuse or work around the rules might be (at least) banned for the mission if caught repeatedly.

Hey Guys,

First off [user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user] Great mission I enjoyed the simplicity of it and the map chosen for it. The compounds on Kunduz and the open ground really make for interesting game play. kudos on the amount of enemy and how they were used it never felt like there weren’t enough or too many.

[user avatar=“” name=“Racoon”]3891983[/user] nice job on Plt Leading like I said on debrief there are a few work on points but overall really well done for mission. All leadership on the mission was very good from what I saw and heard on the channel 1.

A few work on points for all that I spotted were:

  • All round defence in the compounds was generally good and positioning was good but occasionally it would collapse and everyone would be in the centre of the compound with only a couple of people left on security no where near enough to provide 360 or even just cover the entrances.
  • People were mentioning the amount of kills they had etc keep this to a minimum we are not in competition with each other, team work is the goal here if that means you get lots of kills in the process then great but don’t go out of your way to get kills and in turn leave your team exposed or without important assets because you were lone wolfing for kills.
  • This brings me onto another point about Medics they are a very valuable platoon asset and so should try to avoid firefights when possible obviously protect yourselves and your team mates but do not play as if you are an automatic rifleman, keep yourself safe and in the long run you will be of greater use to your team mates than just getting kills.

On the whole though everyone performed really well a few good points I noticed:

  • Movement was generally really good as can be seen from CNTR we moved well together and cover each other when needed.
  • DMT did a really good job keeping of keeping close to the platoon while still getting in the right spot to see enemies, more map markers would have been useful in conjunction with radio calls though.
  • Use of smoke was good especially on the "Charge of the Owls" lol epic stuff that I loved because I survived, although maybe a bad decision still a really fun one remember full frontal is always an option :slight_smile:

Anyway cheers for the great turn out, great people here in CNTO which is why every event is so AWESOME!!!

Keep up the great work,

I’m sorry I left the base at the beginning, but without a viscom, it was really boring. I tried to enter a building and climb to the roof so I could watch the action that was right outside via my binoculars, but couldn’t figure out how to open the door. Instead of staying put I went to some rocks outside the compound so I could watch the fight, but did not fire upon the enemy. By re-insert time, being in my own lonely element, I just thought I could be useful spotting enemy contacts until I had a chance to rendezvous.

My point of view as DMT Lead.