Coop - Band of Brothers 2 Krasnostav

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[youtube]Terminator 3 Graveyard Shoot 'Em Up - YouTube This OP in a nutshell (starting 1:33)

How was it?

Please for the love of god just hand out the admin password to mission hosts. Lots of problems because of this tonight.
Also your triggers didn’t work Highway.
Good mission though. The ending was a ton of fun !

Teddy - please post the rocket launcher moment with Goat at the bunker.

Good mission Highway :slight_smile:

We drowned the enemies in our own blood! Also well done to the guys who did manage to reassemble and get ready to move back in after the massacres.

Also thanks everyone for the spirited tactical discussion while waiting for reinsertion. It may have been spirited but it was certainly helpful to chat about plans.

Also mortar could not deploy his mortar and we should enable artillery computer for AI. I like to shoot mortars myself and not use the fire support module but when your alone it’s pretty impossible.

Sadly I wasn’t looking the right way as he died but here is the little engagement.


Ah well, the sounds of the bullets still have the great comedic timing I remembered :smiley:

Thanks creator for this mission, i did like that and It was fun to fight in the woods and in the village too.

  • I just want to comment last two games radio usage from my personal view point. Probably i do not fully understand ,why you are trying to minimize it, how I did not mind it at all, even at the Malden 2035 mission, if it are important informations and it s not too loud, about team movements, as it gives me information about friendly teams positions and movement forward, and Im less confused and i have feeling like Im part of bigger team than Im appointed, too. Maybe it s my lack of experience, i was few times so surprised where the other team is I almost wanted shoot, which i have to say i hope i did not hit anybody at the hill, game before (Lingor), as I missed the radio report, if any, about movement at the hill where enemies were at that time too. Maybe would not be bad to report clearly when team gets on enemy position to prevent friendly fire, which I really felt very bad for. I have problém to recognize units if they are like about 300m and more away just by uniforms, as we do not have binoculars or optics, I just see something moving on my screen. (as I have 24 1980x now for better FPS, and 8 years old 27 2148x which i still think is not bad at all except power consumption)

When we were first clearing the city at Lingor, I have been playing like "bodyguard" around Shakan and it was greate to know what it is all about, and it gave me better understanding for all the missions later as I heard all the communication between teams.

  • About all team: If I understand well so the organisation is ussualy like: HQ + two platoons each divided to two teams + special purpose (artillery, helis, jets, armour). (???)

BTW, i want thank you guys for the info that I can loot everything except the gun and, if allowed launchers, as I until this time was taking nothing, and I would probably do it forever :smiley:

  • About my playing: If Im doing something wrong during missions or I could do better just tell or write me, I would not mind to correct myself to better teamplayer. (im quite a slower in movement, like Im more defensive player looking around (does not mean I do not like attack), and i do like the grass, so I did not see anybody in the woods on the ground, can not run just like that with the grass on becouse I do not saw them at all if they are prone) The grass make it a slower and dangerous game. (I was thinking why everybody was so carelessly running in the woods, so it s the no grass in Ace settings ???)

I think you are doing great and playing a bit slower and more cautiously means you take the time to look for enemies properly. The grass settings are changed by configuring the keys in the mods key settings in game options. I generally like to have them on normal but I will sometimes turn grass off because sometimes prone enemies vanish into the ground and can difficult to see. On PvP the settings cannot be changed so everything is fair and the same for everyone.

Also, mother, enemy equipment is only taken when permission has been given or you’re in a life or death situation.
And our structure is: HQ (usually the GM)
Platoon Lead (PLT): the on the ground commander
Squad Lead (SL): directs fire teams based to fulfil objectives given by PLT
Fire Team Lead (FTL): leads 4-man fire teams based on orders from SL

Outside of that are the specialist teams: MAT, MMG, MAVs, HAVs, helos etc.
They are under the command of PLT, but could be attached to a squad (so that the SL can give them orders) or left as a free agent. At any time, anyone can request support from a unit, but usually the FTLs should be calling out where they need it, up to the SL, who will call in the request.

We also have DMT (Designated Marksman Team). This team is a 2 man unit that is supposed to be quick and can scout ahead or take shots from long range if need be. They normally operate on their own and only talk to PLT.

Oh and remember Assistant automatic riflemans stay with their AR to guide their fire and to direct the fire if it’s necessary. They do have binocs and carry spare ammo. They also are second in command if the FTL goes down.

Would you guys like to continue along the path of "Band of brothers" or should we end it here? I’m kind of afraid the missions are really too hard and that’s not what I wanted. Did you in the end manage to seize Krasnostav?

@shiny - did you use the armor to help US forces?

[quote user_id=“13688253” avatar=“” name=“Highway”]Would you guys like to continue along the path of "Band of brothers" or should we end it here? I’m kind of afraid the missions are really too hard and that’s not what I wanted. Did you in the end manage to seize Krasnostav?

@shiny - did you use the armor to help US forces?[/quote]

We did manage to seize Krasnostav in the end and friendly armour did come in at the end to help us defend it.

We had a good chat afterwards about two mistakes we made in the assault. Firstly, for our attack from the South West, we did not move into a position to properly cover the first fire team that moved into the town. The meant that it took casualties enemies we did not see who were to our North West. While we concentrated on suppressing enemies in the town. Secondly we did not see the AT Gun position to the North West of town in the tree line, then again it was well hidden when we made our second attempt and attacked from the South East.