Coop - Baby Sitting

  1. How was AMS?
  2. Any issues?
  3. Enough of bandages and stuff?
  4. How were the loadouts? Any issues?
  5. Did you like the assets provided? (Vehicles)
  6. Did combined arms improve the gameplay or detract from it?
  7. Did you like the defensive stuff provided? (Mines, Static weapons, entrenching tools,etc). Were they sufficent?
  8. Did you like the enemy and its attack intensity?
  9. What about enemies composition (enough of a mix between tanks, infantry, IFVs, APC)?
  10. How was the AI?
  11. How was the overall pacing for you? Were there alot of boring lulls?
  12. Was the OPORD descriptive enough or would you have expected something more in there?
  13. Was the landscpe interesting? Were the tools provided useful in the landscape? Any other issues with the map?
  14. Leaders, were the tactical aspects fun? How did your units do? Who did especcially well?
  15. How did you like the mission idea overall?
  16. What do you think made the mission good or bad experience for you?
  17. What do you think we did well? What did we do bad?
  1. Didn’t do much with AMS in this one.
  2. No.
  3. Yes.
  4. Standard one… M4 is getting kinda dull but nowadays we’re using much more guns.
  5. HUMVEE always cool.
  6. Yeah although I was holding the most boring angle in 2nd compound.
  7. Fine.
  8. Good pacing. Love the chaos and overwhelming numbers. Those wins are the best wins :slight_smile:
  9. It was good.
  10. I like this map but we didn’t have much experience with urban firefights. Just defending our bases.
  11. Nothing to lead in defence.
  12. Great. Would play that again for 13 Hours :slight_smile: More chaotic missions please!
  13. As I said. Chaos, cluster fuck, overwhelming numbers. This is what gets my blood pumping. Although I fucking hate NV. I’d prefer full moon nights or dawn missions. I Like colours. Or if you don’t want to give up dark night then perhaps we could use flares? It would spice the things up. And I don’t really like the fact that we have no markers on the map. It puts pressure on you as you have to actually read the map(pff easy… but it takes some time), you don’t have the actual idea of what’s happening, communication between teams has to be huge. Every mission we had no markers I dealt with it rather fine but it’s kinda annoying IMO. I could be just me tho’
  14. We did everything well… The defence was very good. Although someone ran over my teammate…

Great mission, great chaos, great cluster fuck, great setting, great challenge. I’m always saying that more enemies=more challenge=better fun. Here we go! Turns out I’m right and it’s not just something I always thought would be cool but in fact it isn’t. It’s actually rewarding when you manage and we CAN manage. I’m again disappointed of how I died… When extracting we ran over a guy. Turns out he has bones out of gum so he just fired at trunk and killed me. FUCK! I could have been hero like on Rattling Sabre ;(

P.S videos coming soon when I get my shit together and make them.

Again AAR POV(I guess binoculars and a lot of everything in my backpack gets to me. +You make your AR more accurate :slight_smile: ) - ArmA 3 Operation "Baby Sitting" by Carpe Noctem - YouTube

We fucked up. :cool:


Sadly, due to Freghar request video is blocked in… Germany. But we have some cool music, right?

My view as Bravo 1 lead on the events in the first compound


Bravo 1 Rifleman AT PoV: