Coop - As the lights go out

Feedback would be appreciated <3

I hope everyone likes the approach I decided on and I made your mission fun and the way you wanted it to be played Laney.
I felt it was a change of pace of what we normally do.
Organized at times and hectic and chaotic at times.
With elements of RP and some shooting and madness along the way.
Good job everyone :slight_smile:

Very nice Spec Op stealth mission :thumb:

I also enjoyed the stealth approach to this mission.
During my PTS yesterday I forgot to say something about Mathusse who was FTL for the first time. In general I think he did a very good job. He (iirc) always managed to pick up on the SQL’s radio messages and orders. Many times I wasn’t paying attention to that but he always knew what was expected so that was great. However he (maybe) gave me a bit too much freedom towards the end of the op when I got a bit impatient and started wandering about (though he did explicitly gave me permission to go find a vehicle for Red CNTR wandering). Also I don’t feel guilty that I kept looking for a vehicle after we met up at the NW entrance, because I knew dusty’s car wouldn’s make it :wink:


[youtube]Arma 3 Seize the Highlights 17.09: Farmer Field Trip - YouTube [/youtube]