Coop: Arma II Was Better

Leave feedback here please <3

Didn’t want to say during PTS since we were pretty late already, but I really enjoyed this op. I spent about half of it alone, buried with my face in the dirt in the line of pine trees while Yellow and the Russians were exchanging fire over my head, wondering if I was ever gonna get out alive.

I liked that for most of the op we were stalled in this firefight. I actually think that we could’ve managed to clear the airfield without the Cherno-Russian involvement, as Red was pretty effectively taking out hostiles (in front of hangar and in the air-control tower) from the position behind cover from the APC once we’d taken it out. In any case, the added confusion of having two very similar-looking Russian outfits (hangar-green vs pine-green) caused some extra casualties on the Cherno-Russian (we shot a few of their reinforcements from the South) and on our side (as we assumed they’d cleared the bunkers they were strolling past). I liked the confusion though, and in the end we still kinda managed to take the objective.

I also made a video of my AT usage, mostly to get feedback on my usage of it, since idk if there was much more I could’ve done from the position(s) I was in.

Nice mission.

Open terrain, constant engagement, VDV pro. Luckily we were on the stone wall… hard to spot any targets as we were far away. (above 250m and more)

Nice taking and retaking of SQLead (had fun).

Interasting thing was that our attack just halted on spot and we could not continue the attack - it s not so ussual in our mission to attack just one objective - and this time it was fun (for me).

Personally liked the friendly forces which came to help us.

This mission felt for me different than ussualy. GG.

Your angle of your shot on the BTR was a bit off, it didn’t pen as well as it could have but the situation was so bad that that was good enough. The thing you did wrong immediately after was take your eyes off of it. You’ve always gotta watch for any crew dismounting the vehicle (They were who killed you a few moments later). You did the same thing the second time and got shot for it too haha.


Ye I know about the angle. I probably would’ve dashed for a better one on the first shot if I could, but my leg was not functioning so I just took the shot I could. I didn’t stay to watch since I was so dizzy/tourniquet’d up that I never would’ve hit anything.
The same for the second shot where I got hit by shrapnel in the arm, and since I already was in a bad state and had been unconscious before I decided bravely running away was the best way to live (I’m pretty sure I shot towards a friendly at the end there, since I didn’t know you were at the APC already, but my aim was off due tot he tourniquet proving my earlier point :D).

Also for the second shot I tried to shoot it at exactly the same location as the first one (with the same suboptimal angle), but idk if that helps at all or not?

Finally, a mission with little birds and I had to work late… :roll:

Glad to hear you guys had fun though!