Coop: Another Day In Takistan

Post C&C here

Hey Shad great mission, don’t know if it was the great convoy action, the company or the really strong beer I was drinking but had loads of fun and killed tons of enemy. Good times all round.

General convoy movement and management was good throughout the OP from what I saw and heard. Apologies to Bravo for my drunk driving hopefully didn’t ruin anyone’s night. Overall had lots of fun with Bravo, who even though a small team did a lot of damage :thumb:

Ohh and I like that we have defined the types of dismount it really helps, was confused at first with the wording chosen but will get used to it.

Mission was a lot of fun, I really liked the turn of events and I saw myself being more engaged in the action than usual. Even the moments where we were in the transit were fun as we… sang shanties… Good OP!