Coop - AMS Test - Just Cause

Hey guys, please give a feedback on the mission, AI skill (accuracy and spotting) and Advanced Medical System.

One question I didn’t ask on debriefing; What was your experience with medical equipment? Did you have enough bandages of each type? Did you have enough morphine? Did medic have anything too-much? Did anyone use Tourniquet? Did anyone use more than one Tourniquet (medic?)?

I have some feedback for the AMS test - the spawn system occasionally spawned conscious patients, if there’s nothing easy that can be done to avoid this, maybe have them be set as captive or provide the players with cable ties so they can stop the patients running off.

You guys need to work on your bedside manner

Well… I’m going to start with the AI. As I said on debriefing the accuracy of them was poor… I have it recorded and I can tell you what moments do I mean. I got flanked and the enemy couldn’t hit me from 100m… I was able to run away and return fire. So i’d tweak the accuracy but not too much so that we don’t get headshotet from 500m again. I guess their spotting was ok. The beggining of mission felt awkward when we were 100m away or maybe less behind the hill and they were watching our direction and running around. But i guess they could see our heads and some proning guys so I can understand it(there was no shot fired yet at this point).

About the AMS - It was great as always. It’s great that we can’t just put a bandage on everything without thinking and stick some drugs into arm but we actualy gotta think for a second. I think that packing bandage amount is fine although when you get seriously injured it won’t be enough. I’d put 10 package bandages and maybe 3 or 4 elastic. When you get injured in a way that you have to use elastic bandage and it reopens you get screwed pretty fast. About the reopening, I haven’t experienced any wound reopening. I got the luck that after every injury there was a medic to help me but I think there was a moment when medic didn’t help me for longer time and still nothing. And yes I’ve used a torniquete on Abuk when he got seriously injured by your RPG shot and told us that he started seeing in black and white. He was injured everywhere so it seemed like a good idea to use it. I haven’t used morphine but I think it was a mistake. My first injury(btw I think it was caused by my bullet that bounced off the wall) I was in serious pain and it was hard to see so if we were actualy in firefight around this time I would have had a problem. But seems like 2 morphines are enough.

It also seems like I will record every mission I attend so here’s the link: ArmA 3 AMS Testing by Carpe Noctem - YouTube

Edit: Quality in this video is kinda shitty while I move and it’s because YT chewed it up twice because I was checking something. Next one will have greatly reduced background noise and better quality. ( quality will be like in previous videos here:ArmA 3 Operation "Oil Drink" by Carpe Noctem Part 1 (Briefing) - YouTube )

Process the sound in something like Audacity, let it learn background noise and remove it. There was a guide how to do that somewhere around, Forums - Carpe Noctem

well… i was actualy thinking about recording audio separetly and removing background noise but i’d have to get something to combine the video with sound then. but if im gonna do that every mission i will probably do that at some point.

Edit: actualy i’ve reminded myself that there is windows movie maker so i got audacity and that should do for amateur recording.

I haven’t watched the whole video tropical, but at 39:50 when you were trying to point out the target, use the keybind shift+` to point it out to nearby allies. I believe the AAR also has tracer magazines you can use in situations like that to help friendlies spot a target. To be honest, watching it like that I’m amazed at how long it took the rest of us to spot that guy

Not your fault Tropical, I don’t think that symptoms and visuals as indicators of what’s wrong with someone were explained. Torniquet causes pain, if they’re seeing weird colours, they’re probably in a lot of pain, You don’t want to add to the pain with a torniquet. However I’m not exactly sure what black and white means, It could mean they’ve lost way too much blood for all I know, and their heart rate will already be too low for the use of a morphine. Can we have some clarification? What should he have done? Given morphine and torniquet’ the limbs whilst he focussed on the head/torso, or started bandaging and call a medic over immediately for a blood transfusion and atropine?

Tourniquets are for putting on limbs that are heavily damaged to dramatically slow blood loss.
Once they are on treat any wounds on the head and torso first (as these won’t have reduced bleeding), then treat limbs one by one (or one limb per treating player). Once the limbs are treated remove the tourniquet and ask for a medic to stitch them up.

In reality most people are advised not to apply them because of the toxic shock that can occur after their release (if you must then write the time they are applied on or around the tourniquet, the toxic shock is easily treatable but only if the medics know to do so), but that isn’t simulated in the game. The pain is caused because of the restricted blood flow starving the limbs of oxygenated blood. In truth a properly applied tourniquet can completely stop blood loss from the limb applied to but you run the risk of needing the limb amputated later but losing one limb > death.

The thing we’re talking about is at 54:37 in the video. He told us he was badly hit and then at some point started seeing in black and white so I don’t think that it was because of the pain but because he was loosing blood from like 10 wounds. We didn’t know how close he is to dying so we used torniqeuetes. Besides we were told that they don’t cause pain for first few minutes. Someone on debrief said that if you’re in combat and don’t have time for treatment you can put a torniquete on yourself and fight until it’s safe to heal up(ofc its better if it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes)

According to the ACE3 wiki, which is in case of medical system often incomplete or incorrect, tourniquet will cause pain if not taken off for a while. I’m assuming it begins causing pain only after couple of minutes, 2-3 maybe?

TBH I feel that we shouldn’t actually use tourniquets or massively limit their use since they are not very well simulated on any level as far as I understand it. They seem to be just better temporary bandages that will cause some pain over time rather than harsh method to combat catastrophic blood loss (example: arterial bleeding or blown off limb). If you have ever even practiced putting one on, you know that not even tightening them properly will cause considerable pain. Properly tightening it will leave the guy yelling for sure. Running on that limb is a joke.

Thus I feel that the tourniquets don’t serve any real purpose that enhances the gameplay or immerion. Maybe one should just slap 4 tourniquets on in base get 4 limb invincibility and deal with pain using morphine and some tolerance.

Sure we aren’t going for realism with the medicine anyway. Afterall getting shot about 10 times and slapping couple of bandages on is as silly but tourniquets just feel extremly useful which they really aren’t IRL.