Coop: Ambush Alley

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Got 2 points:

  1. Don’t make a 1 life mission where you literally get ambushed the moment you spawn in. Give people at least a few minutes time to prepare. Lots of things can happen at loading into a mission like acre bugging out and people will have to fix that. Cause its oh so much fun to die in the first minute.
  2. Don’t intervene as a Zeus after you realize a mistake which will cause unfair treatment to the players. In this case the fixing of the 1 life mission in the middle of an OP where people already have been granted extra lives. If you do something like this, at least fucking inform the players about it.

I had informed PLT about it being fixed, PLT not passing it down the line is an unfortunate mistake. I apologise the mission was not setup correctly, as it is the first time I had done a one life mission. I do apologise for it, it was a rather shit mission technically wise and will endeavour to avoid missions like this from here on

I actually really enjoyed the mission, and especially the start. I think we had enough time to get our general bearings. Looking at CNTR it was us that fired first (at the empty technicals), without which maybe we’d have had some more time to prepare. I jumped onto the M2, which I knew would kill me, so when I got back up after getting killed by the technical coming in from the north I was pleasantly surprised as we were only 3 mins into the op (though at the time I thought I only got KO’d and knocked from the vehicle as I still had 3 wounded body parts by the time I got to cover to check).

In general I also think we made very good use of the humvees to extract ourselves when we got pinned down and to move around the map, with the exception of red losing touch with yellow for 20 minutes after the getaway from the initial ambush.

Also it appears that the first black hawk actually managed to take down the AA after it got hit, which is a bit awkward as we spent 20 minutes looking for them in a heavily outnumbered war zone wondering how we couldn’t find them :smiley: