Coop - Altis Terminus

Post C&C

Good shtuff, it was intense and got me quite tired in the end.

On our performance: I should’ve checked which roles were picked in Bravo before pushing up to the briefing, a full FT with a medic and a long range would have been way more efficient. Though there were no JIPs which isn’t something you can account for at the beginning of an OP. Both Alpha and Bravo did pretty good and were autonomous enough. We had a bit of a hard time securing the surroundings of the hospital but we managed without significant casualties. Also, despite not having missile launchers Nightbird was still a good pick and did a solid job in assisting the infantry on the ground.
One negative thing was at one point the lack of readbacks from SLs. They do matter and that’s the only way I have to understand that you’re both still alive and kicking and received my orders.

Also, [user avatar=“” name=“Hateboarder”]8030574[/user] please fix your ACRE/TS/radio volume, it’s not the first time that you don’t hear or receive communications from PLT and I’d like to avoid waiting 5 minutes every now and then to get you on station or having to jog through the AO to find you.

On the mission itself: I was really looking forward to this mission, and it turned out to be just as fun as I’d hoped. The order choice for the objective clearly was up to us, but I find missions with multiple independent objectives where you just go back to another spot to resupply/treat the wounded a very interesting concept. Again, it could’ve been a different mission if I didn’t pick ELYSIUM as second objective, and that definitely resulted in a bit more waiting time for the squads who were almost ready to move out. I hope it wasn’t too boring for you boys, it just made more sense from a tactical perspective.

That’s quite the wall of text for a feedback, thanks for the mission Shadisica it’s a really good concept that I’d like to see more!