Coop - Altis on Fire

Map: Altis
Time: 0800
Weather: Clear
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user]

In winter 2017 Altis held presidential elections. The standing president Georgious Akhanteros is believed to have caused a widespread election fraud. After huge riots engulfed the island of Altis, Russia sent their best special forces to help Akhanteros in keeping things under control but they failed. Altis has descended in chaos and civil war followed.


I Situation:

After ALTIS president AKHANTEROS moved from PYRGOS to (NW) part of the island, FIA took control of almost every region. Russia decided to help their traditional ally (ALTIS president AKHANTEROS) and keep ALTIS within their sphere of influence. Russian military has divided ALTIS into OPERATIONAL ZONES (OZ) in upcoming military campaign.

Friendly Forces:

[] Mech Inf Plat
] AH Sect
[] TH Sect
] Fighter Bomber Flight
[*] Navy[/list][/indent]


[indent][list][] 3 x BMP-3
] 1 x BRM-1K
[] 2 x 2S25 Sprut
] 6 x MK10 landing Craft Utility
[] 2 x Mi-28N
] 2 x Mi-8MT
[] Admiral Kusnetzov Aircraft Carrier
] 2 x To-199 Neophron[/list][/indent]

Enemy Forces:

[] Unknown size. FIA enjoys support of large part of ALTIS population. Elements of AAF have fled to fight with FIA and should be considered hostile. Intelligence shows some part of AAF air force has joined the rebellion too.
] Enemy is expected to conduct conventional military operation and defend Altis at all cost. Intelligence shows they have CC center at ATHIRA and Mora FV-720 factory at FRINI. Seizing CC center will make EN less likely to def in organized way and hit EN morale.


[*] Area is populated but civilian population is hostile to ALTIS president and Russia.

II Mission:

Task force should ATK and seize Operational Zone ATHIRA NLT 1100 on 1st Dec IOT est a foothold for further operations.

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[] Seize OBJ FRINI
[*] Seize OBJ AGIA TRIADA[/list][/indent]

Movement Plan

[*] Seaborne invasion from transport vehicles on (N) side of OZ ATHIRA.[/list][/indent]

Fire Support

[*] Task force has attached fire support listed above.[/list][/indent]

IV Administration / Logistics:


[*] Infantry elements will be resupplied with transport helicopters from aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov.[/list][/indent]


[] At predesignated times, an air transport will be sent out to pick up reinforcements from the AC Admiral Kuznetsov
] Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO[/list][/indent]

Area of Operations:

Enemy Forces:
Rebels wearing FIA and AAF uniforms.

Friendly Forces:
Armed Forces of Russian Federation

I am unsure if the landing area is predefined and if so where exactly it is.

It’s just to the East of the FV-720 Mora factory, on the coast.

I would suggest hitting Agia Triada first, to secure a landing zone, then head straight for the factory, before the enemy can mount up and send any completed MAVs at us. It will also deny the enemy replacements and, hopefully, spare parts, so that even recoverable vehicles end up being abandoned. It will also allow us to use the factory for temporary replacements, and equipping friendly forces.
We should then move on to the command and control centre, to disrupt any further counter attacks and interrupt their supply.
For the landing, do remember that the BMP, BRM, and Sprut are amphibious vehicles, and can provide direct fire support to landing craft. On top of that, we should use either the MI-28 or the To-199 to provide close CAS support, to take out any hard points or enemy reinforcements.

Due to bug in Mk10 amphibious vehicles you’ll be very close to the (N) side of the Operational Zone but still in the sea. Shore seems undefended so you should expect a quiet landing.

I can not see very well on the map but agree with goat on plan of action. Could we maybe use the BMP’s with the squads as mech squads to free up slots for CAS. For example SL has lead of one FT and that FTL and AAR man the BMP? Or FTL and AR.

One BMP is assigned per squad, squad itself will drive it, gun it and command it. So yes, that’s how it is meant to be.

Oh cool happy days!!!

Few quick questions:

  1. I would like to request a terrain map of Operational Zone ATHIRA.
  2. Do any of these friendly forces listed have part or association with our plan?
  3. What does "conventional military operation" mean?
  4. I assume the fire support is the aircraft listed above?
  1. Operational Zones are divided by gray rather thick lines (vertical and horizontal). I know it’s scale is too big but creating a smaller scale map of this area is not possible without taking 5 screenshots. I will try creating another better map.
  2. No. Everything inside OZ that is not you is the enemy. Rebels have two types of uniforms - civilian clothes and AAF uniforms stolen from the army barracks. Intelligence reports many officers and soldiers from Altis professional army AAF have joined the rebels in search for justice. Their ultimate aim is free Altis without the president Akhanteros and Russian influence.
  3. Conventional warfare - Wikipedia - in simple words you will not need to worry about civilians shooting at you, IEDs, etc. Also, this means you will face every arm of armed forces on the other side.
  4. Yes. Every fire support is organic, meaning assets are attached to your task force and will have to be driven by players.

Tonight at 2200 CET I will be hosting a reconnaissance mission for tomorrow’s Altis on Fire. Volunteers should reply on my comment on the event page.

Some pics I took on recon:

Landing Zone?

Quiet looking Athira


Northern Intel!

It looks like the Northern approach to Frini is a bad choice with strong defenses and multiple AA emplacements, while the area marked "Suitable Beach" gave a more of less clear drive to the southern side of Frini. Agia Triada was only lightly occupied, and there were no defensive structures.
I would suggest landing at the beach, moving south west along the valley, before one squad breaks off and clear Agia Triada. The other provides flank security, before re-uniting to take Frini. We spotted a single un-occupied MAV at the factory, but there may be more out of line of sight.
Once Frini is secure, we can move south; first we should attack and clear the occupied factory complex to provide a rally point and finally clear the rest of the final city.