Coop - Altis on Fire

Please share your thoughts, stories and constructive feedback about Altis on Fire cooperative mission by [user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Argon”]15519795[/user] .

Pregame OPORD for EN forces attached.

Mission was very fun. I really liked that all squads had a medium armoured vehicle. Only problem was that this forced one of the fireteams to let a guy stay in the vehicle as driver or gunner with squad lead and medic. Maybe add an extra guy to the squad next time we do this so both fireteams are 4 strong on the ground?

Teddy did a brilliant job as always guiding the squad and the vehicle. The whole of Bravo did really well also.

I think there was a tad too much looting of enemies. I don’t think we should take or use enemy weapons and especially vehicles unless it’s a very very problematic situation. Dagger used enemy armour at the end where we had plenty friendly armoured vehicles which they could have taken from one of the squads.

Hey guys,

I was testing armor this morning a bit. Tests were ok and in-line with what we wanted. FYI [user avatar=“” name=“Argon”]15519795[/user] .

  1. Dagger had 2S25 SPRUT antitank vehicle. We designed your platoon around it as a weapon of choice for APC/IFV targets.
  2. BMP vehicles were meant to be used against FV-720 MORA. But even when you did, it was ok. First two rounds from BMP almost always disabled the gun and vehicles were useless after that. I was driving one of them and got hit by BMP so there was no big issue. Sure, it didn’t blow up immediately.
  3. GORGONs are weaker than FV-720 so it was ok.

Trouble by design is - losing air superiority. We actually didn’t plan for it but it happened. What followed was consistent behavior from rebel forces, they would have used that air superiority. And so they did, to an extent of not really killing everyone on the map. Our mistake is not giving you enough Jets so you could establish air superiority once again.

With vehicles, it happened what happened in every war, those who survived the inital onslaught were really really good (like [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user] ). Survivors adapt new and correct tactics and that helps them win the next battle. Use bounding overwatch, use cover for vehicles and tanks, especially hard cover and camouflage. Don’t just stand in the open hoping.

For the future:

A. In the next event we will give you both vanilla jets and jets DLC planes so it’s up to you if you want to use them. Unfortunately vanilla doesn’t have proper fighters. And will give you enough of them so this thing doesn’t happen (which was a bit unrealistic, have to admit). Argon is really, really, really good pilot so it could be a challenge for some of you to practice and kick his ass next time.

B. We will give DAGGER stronger and modern tanks. But in limited amount (likely 2 pieces).

C. Give AA weapon to BMP vehicles.

The story

First encounter was very tough and bloody. Both sides lost considerable amount of men and equipment. This battle made Russian Army rethink some of their original plan and tactics. They will adapt and move on.

[user avatar=“” name=“Goat”]1583435[/user] - considering you were the commander of this operation, tell me which zone would you like to attack next and with what type of forces. You have the following choice:

  • infantry company (usual rifle platoon + mortars)
  • mechanized infantry company (like this event)
  • tank company (well… tanks)
  • airborne (helicopters, infantry, some vehicles)

That’s it from me.

Not much left for me to say over this operation, I think I was the prime example of "we didn’t want to let you do in the air as you please". I think it was basically down to good old kriegsglück, I had none of it.

However given we had enough time we tried to help [user avatar=“” name=“Berenton”]5892636[/user] get over his fear of heights and teach him how to rappel out of a heli…didn’t work…

[user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] given the issues we had with air, I’d like to push south and secure the airfield, which will allow proper rearm/refuel/repair facilities for our aircraft and vehicles.

Mechanised platoon would be good, again, I think.

I think it was [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user] who made me think of it, but it might be worth adding a Driver/Gunner to the mechanised squads, so the SQL can command (if everyone fits, still). This will mean people can have the role they chose, and there are full teams.

Ok, bare in mind cutting Altis in two will be a very hard mission.

Don’t know if we can fit 12 in the BMP, need to try.

[quote user_id=“13688253” avatar=“” name=“Highway”]Ok, bare in mind cutting Altis in two will be a very hard mission.

Don’t know if we can fit 12 in the BMP, need to try.[/quote]

Even 11 would be fine; SQL and medic can crew, too, if needs be.

Edit: mission can be to simply deny the airfield to the enemy, too. Perhaps taking a section in the north so friendly AA can go in and hit enemy aircraft taking off and landing, plus buy time to fortify the beachhead.

I really enjoyed the mission, also since Altis is a great map in my opinion for the kind of movement we adopted. I myself died a lot of times but definitely due to bad coordination or bad movement from my side.
Anyways Bravo squad did an excellent job, especially [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user] on commanding the BMP.

Thanks Highway and Argon for this, it was a pleasure to play!

Ok thanks boys. Need to balance things out.

Good stuff is that server survived!

Had some issues with clothes. When I had clothes, others would tell me that I’m naked, when I had some parts of my body missing, others would say that everything is ok.

As always [user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user], good job on the mission :slight_smile: I had a lot of fun thanks to my team and the medic-role. I liked the amount of enemy armor but sometimes wished to have some more infantry shooting at me but, we already got fucked up at the first encounter sooooo… maybe better if not!

I think we should try to only focus on one special element per mission (aircraft, chopper, armor) and make the mission so we can really use it and get good at it. I know Arma is built for combined arms but i think we are not ready yet =)

Watch why i was so confused at the end of the mission, i have finally proof that magic exists:


I had a great mission due to a combination of really great driver and gunner along with very well run fire teams and lots and lots of luck. We still took casualties and made mistakes. The mission felt well balanced with not too much realism but not too gamey either; a difficult balance to strike. I would have liked to rotate the APC crew but it seemed to work out well and having a medic as gunner was actually quite handy as injured could run up to the APC and use it as cover or hop in and be treated inside.

In terms of game play I was a little worried that given we were allowed to not worry about collateral damage the infantry would not have much to do. I think in the open areas that might have been a little bit of problem when we had our fire support but less so in the built up areas where the vehicles were less keen to venture.

TOE changes

Russian Army has regrouped and reorganized it’s mechanized infantry platoon as a consequence of the last battle. Here are the changes to TOE for this campaign:

  1. BRM and BMP vehicles have gained to additional soldiers - driver and a gunner. That way mechanized infantry squad can function as normal 10 man squad with attached vehicle. Warning, this will add 2 extra man to Platoon and Alpha/Bravo/Charlie squads which is different than current system. If that’s an issue, I will need to remove them. But you’ve asked for them so…
  2. BRM and BMP vehicles have two extra Igla AA systems with 4 AA projectiles.
  3. Task Force Noctem has been reinforced with rocket propelled artillery (GRAD) and towed artillery. To be used on spawn. I’d like to kindly ask [user avatar=“” name=“Argon”]15519795[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Shakan”]17713582[/user] to add those two vehicles to our artillery calculator.
  4. Task Force Noctem has been reinforced with latest T-90 section (two pieces) and one prototype T-100 Vursuk tank.
  5. Task Force Noctem has been reinforced with fuel and ammo trucks and 3 additional reinforcements trucks.
  6. Number of helicopters is still 4 - 2 attack and 2 transport.
  7. Number of jets increased to 4 - unless numerical superiority changes hands.
  8. Attached additional AA vehicle.
  9. Attached small UAV.

That is a lot of firepower. Put it to good use. In terms of guidance when to use extra assets.

  • DAGGER 1 and DAGGER 2 can use T-90 and T-100 only if they lose SPRUT vehicle. Going to war with T-90s initially might break the mission. So consider tanks as reinforcement assets, not initial.
  • Artillery (towed and self propelled) can be used by any player at any time per Commander’s assignment. Self propelled artillery can leave spawn area. Towed obviously can’t and is meant to be used by players waiting for reinforcements.
  • AA system can leave spawn area at any time and be driven by any player assigned by Commander.
  • UAV systems can be operated by any player assigned by Commander at any time.
  • Systems can be refueled and rearmed as usual with ammo truck at any time bearing in mind ‘dead’ don’t leave the spawn area.

To make things more interesting and add additional realism, GMs reserve the right to add one extra reinforcement wave for players when we see fit, mostly to balance the air battle. For example if players have 4 jets and lose one or two in the first fight, allowing another immediate reinforcement wave is a decent thing to do (and realistic if players have air superiority) instead of enemy roaming freely in the skies. Bare in mind this still doesn’t mean GMs will give you a free ride in the air, or anywhere. Our mindset will be one of the simulated enemy, not leaning towards or against the players.

So if you get wrecked by a tank or a plane, don’t be angry. We’re trying to get the best of you and make you work hard to win, and if that means you sometimes likes us a bit less, well… :slight_smile:

Bottom line is - there is a lot of things now in the Task Force Noctem that can balance things out. I will try my best to be careful regarding vanilla RHS balance and test it before hand so it doesn’t create unsolvable problems. AAFs main battle tank MBT-52 KUMA for example is hard to be destroyed by T-90s even though it’s possible. In such situations we will give you ‘prototype’ weapons like T-100 which can be used to balance things out.

The number of AI carrying AT/AA portable units will increase forcing you to use infantry for recon and assault. After all, we all love some dust on the boots don’t we?


Russian invasion of Altis has been condemned by UN and other world nations. Even Russian traditional allies China has called for restraint and end of all hostilities on the small Mediterranean island. NATO has sent US 6th Fleet towards the island and will be ‘monitoring’ the situation on the ground while secretly equipping the rebel forces with modern weapon systems. Situation around ALTIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT is vague. Both sides have been receiving steady waves of reinforcements and it is expected that rebels will defend the Airport operational zone at all costs. Rebel TV has appeal to all ALTIS nationals under 60 and over 16 to join the fight for the liberation of their homeland.

War continues on 3th of October.

[user avatar=“” name=“Goat”]1583435[/user] - tactical planning thread is open for the next mission.