Coop - Altis Aeternum

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Enjoyed this one, giving Falcon a side mission (of taking out AA threats around the island) was a good idea and gave me stuff to do in downtime

I’m really impressed with how Alpha managed to extract itself from a mass cas situation, where we were pretty much sitting in the open for over 10 minutes, with only 2 casualties. I think it’s a testament to how we have improved from ops (even a couple of months ago) where we were too hesitant and slow to retreat and instead got wiped. I’ll have a vid up from it tomorrow.

Additionally I really enjoyed the final objective. Time restraints meant our only option was to go all-in, and it led to an insane breaching-effort (with the most grenades that have ever been thrown in a minute’s time) and fast clearing of quite a sizeable base.


Oh no we’re running late!

Two solutions:
Churizo: Take a slightly longer route around the town to avoid a possible ambush

[user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user] : COWABUNGA IT IS

I agree. The retreat was chaotic but done pretty well with lots of smoke and quick into cover (what little there was). I think we can work on actually starting to retreat, as we should probably have pulled out before we did. Both me and Matt tried to get that started but we got bonked in the head too often xD.

Anyway, props to everyone in alpha for that retreat.

Good shit this mission. First objective almost text book, even though it may have been slow paced at the start and we got nearly whiped we still did good.
Second objective due to time constraints the quickest hostile base take over.

2 things to note from this.

  1. The advanced movement that allows us to climb walls is so good in finding new ways to enter bases and buildings. Really good.
  2. We can do time constraint assaults and missions! I want to see more of these because they are so hectic and fun.

Also Shad, keep making these straight forward "easy" missions with out all the extra fluff. It’s the type of missions I enjoyed most in Arma.