Coop- Alamo

I just thought I’d talk about all the hairy moments and the blazing shitstorm that MAT team went through in this mission.
The AI was cranked up to 11 and it was extremely entertaining, if a little frustrating because of how good at shooting they were at range. We returned fire to some effect, but we mostly just got pinned in and around our alamo. Needless to say it wasn’t our alamo for very long.

Goat took out quite a few BMPs but we lost him in the retreat from phantom fire, (maybe a friendly watching the street or maybe an enemy that ran off after taking out dachi. We couldn’t locate the shooter)
We made the decision to retreat to the sandbagged roof with the MG emplacements. I was crossing the bridge when the helicopter buzzed me and started shooting. I hit the concrete like a sack of shit and the bullets passed overhead. We eventually made it and some russians were already within earshot. I got on the MG, however actually using them proved difficult because the AI were everywhere and were all shooting at me within a mile radius. I suppressed the enemy as best as I could but then they suppressed us back, and there was a bullet with Freghar’s name on it. I was left alone with the medic Teddy and he eventually popped it too, leaving me alone on the roof. I decided to leave before I was cut off and dived into the alley to avoid the russians I could hear talking all around me. At this point I and a couple of people were the only ones alive. I was the second to last to die. There was no way over the wall with our climb script (because it’s an arma 1 map) and russians were everywhere so I was unable to link up with the last surviving friendly soldier. I tried to go out onto the street but russians were at the barricade. I was suppressed on the other side, and then russians began pouring into the street behind me, so I opened fire and took out two before I was anahilated by the third.

When we respawned MAT went wide on the coast… We quickly lost goat again, followed by freghar… at that point I was kind of like…

Luckily as I was running away like a little girl alpha crested the hill and provided covering fire for me… However I didn’t live very long because whilst I was trying to provide smoke cover to people for the retreat, the russians crested the hill on their flank and killed me first for some reason.

In my third lifespan, I picked up the AT launcher and managed to take out a main battle tank. at point blank range. However then another one came along, so I pulled it out again at just the wrong moment… as the tank rolled into town, russians literally walked right past me and into the garage I was in… I glued to the wall and waited for them to pass, and then in an effort to save the remaining memebers of alpha in the courtyard I pulled out my sidearm and snuck up behind the russians… I unloaded my pistol into his back, but it was innefective, he whipped around like some sort of Jedi master and shot me down instantly. Lesson learned: Pistols fucking suck.

There wasn’t a single moment I wasn’t being shot at, and I must have been hit non-critically at least eleven times in my first lifespan. Bandages ran low pretty fast. It was very enjoyable.

I don’t know man, you have it somewhat mixed up. :slight_smile:

  1. It was Goat, not Dachi.
  2. I don’t remember dying for the 3rd time - in fact, me and Volken survived the 3-4 MBTs / BTRs converging on the original A2 location (through the bombed minefield), after Goat took a few out (and died in the process).

Right sorry, edited. All brits look the same to me. I just remembered I had an AT launcher on my person and you and goat were not around the small compound at the time, I was joined up with an alpha element.

Sounds like some epic fun guys

Also it be me Ozzie on that roof with ye! Not that scurvy dog Teddy!

Oh god!

It’s bad enough when one of the ‘foreign guys’ gets us mixed up, but a fellow Brit? C’mon Price, I expect better. :roll:

And shutup Teddy! :furious:

I don’t know what others always have against you two. I have no problems recognizing you even over crappy radio - Teddy sounds a lot more optimistic.

Yeah teddy is like a carebear and ozzie is like an aging disgruntled carebear.

A no-care bear, if you will.

But he can Get. Things. Done.

(And that’s what counts in a SL.)

Regarding the OP - we should probably take serious note of enemy mortar fire coming near us instead of just ignoring it as a minor inconvenience. The next batch of shells should realistically land on our heads.