Coop: Afghan Sweep

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Good op from DGRs point of view, except for the obvious vehicle issues.

So, here’s my thoughts:

Our current platoon structure does not work with motorized infantry. Every armed vehicle should have a crew because otherwise it forces us to split the fireteams into vehicle teams and two man infantry pairs which is a disaster waiting to happen. It also increases the Squad Leader’s responsibility from 3 elements to 5, which is a lot of communication to handle on the short range while still keeping up on the long range. I certainly couldn’t do it.

Also, if we suspect enemy presence in a town, it is generally not a good idea to drive into the center of the town before clearing it (especially if the leader of the element going in first doesn’t feel good about it). Alpha was already entering the town on foot to clear it when we were called of and told to drive in unprepared instead. At this point we were also told that the town is cleared but that we should still clear it just to keep ourselves busy. In my opinion this sort of thing is not acceptable. Especially when after calmly disembarking in the town we are told that the town hasn’t actually been cleared. I think it was the second vehicle to come into the town that immediately took a direct hit from an RPG. Until this, I have never regretted taking a leadership role but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Great mission. I knew that "Russians in Afghanistan" scenario would be an evening well spent, and it was!

I liked the mission, a lot of shooting, fighting in the hills, forests, cqb, long range, you name it. As the MMG lead I had a blast leading the small team we had. Yes I do agree the convoy went sloppy, however with us being behind as a support role, we often found ourselves not as concerned with the vehicles as the people in the front, especially as being one of the last vehicles in the convoy.

The first half of the mission where we were making our way to the town was alright, very enjoyable, but the meat of the dish came when we had to fight in the town/forest. I enjoyed the little ambush we had, despite gotten hit by a mortar a few times we were able to push foward and have a pretty neat gunfight in the forrest with the support of DAGGER. We easily cut through 4-5 squads in the second half of the mission and felt constant pressure however that was a good thing. We didn’t feel like we were drowned in bodeis but rather that we hit a hotspot and then the reinforcements arrived.

I also really liked the little BRDM at the end, we had a very well laid out defence to cut off any enemy forces coming to aid the town from the east but as DAGGER had to fall back we kinda had to hold out on our own. It forced us to get off our power position and focus on a single squad flanking us from the south east, that made the ending a little more challenging than we expected and geniuenly surprised me as I thought we had all the angles covered. It went from hunter to being hunted within seconds, that was great. I barely made it out alive with a quick aid from [user avatar=“” name=“Koffer”]5721247[/user]

I hope to see more missions you have in store. Thank you for putting in all the effort, also, well done MMG!

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Cool mission. I love straight forward stuff and the fact we fought on 3 fronts. Very unique even though that may have to do with the planning and us spreading out that far as well. Looking forward to another one Quantum!

Quick reminder of etiquette and complaints we’ve received in the past. It is fine to not agree with a plan but say so while we are making it. This plan was discussed from the start and I asked 3 times if anyone had questions and if everyone agreed. We had a resounding yes.

The town was cleared by Dagger, as communicated over the long range radio. I was not made aware that Alpha dismounted and this was not announced to me. We suddenly stopped where we had no map markers of doing so on the map. It was planned from the start that you would double check the town (mattdogs understood as he even divided the town and made markers for this when we were doing the planning). The enemy that shot an RPG was hiding in a room, walked around our troops and shot a rocket after 6 vehicles drove up or past him. In fact, the only reason this happened was because Quantum did this (according to CNTR). So yes if you wanted to be 100% safe, you could have dismounted and walked in. However a change of plans always needs to be approved by platoon and they need to be aware. Confirm your communications with an easy "how copy?" after your transmition to confirm the other party heard your communications and can respond in a timely manner when deviating from a plan. If Platoon loses track of what is going on then wrong decisions can be very easily made by sending other squads to locations they shouldn’t be in either or worse.

On the other side, the mission before this (Friday last week) everyone was praising that we took some risks and drove our vehicles inside of a known enemy AO without clearing it and it was an absolute blast and went very well. If someone doesn’t think we should do it then that is fine of course. But let’s remember this is a game and others might enjoy it.

It would also be good to know why exactly the convoy sometimes took longer to set up. What went wrong? Did someone not understand where they needed to be half way through the mission or did we have a communication break down on a squad/convoy radio net? The convoy order was marked on map from the start and it never changed. Maybe if we know why it went wrong/slow we can work it out and work on improving this.

Also Quantum please post war stories threads after the missions. This was posted in the Arma Lounge :slight_smile: It’s moved now.