Coop - Aegean part 1

Please leave feedback on the mission, what you liked you didn’t like and share your stories or videos.

From my viewpoint (When its done doing its stuff):


Legit good mission. I really felt while checking the northern town like I was fighting a guerrilla force. They even ran away and were just pinning us down on corners and streets. I liked it a lot. Everybody knows about the bugs and we know it’s not Price/Zeus’s fault. Didn’t personally like the heavy splitting of Alpha and Bravo squads because we are generally not too good at that. But with some more practice and hopefully a working ACRE, we should be fine.

Rather interesting bug from this mission:

As a member of the recon team, the mission involved rather a lot of standing around, punctuated by a couple of exciting moments spotting for Alpha and Bravo. I’m not sure if we’ve used a recon element before, but if it was the first time, I think it was a decent first attempt at using a recon team.

Using the UAVs was a fun novelty, but I think perhaps adding a little element of danger to Recon’s mission would greatly help. I personally never really felt like I was at risk; I think I was shot at like twice in the whole mission. Perhaps just have a couple of 2-4 man patrols getting in the way, that we’d either have to sneak around, or deal with before they can call for help. Or perhaps give us a few extra toys to play with such as a Mortar or something, to help us get a little more directly involved in the actual fighting. Oh also, the UGV was listed in the assets list as being armed, but the one we were actually given was unarmed.

Either way, I did enjoy the mission, despite the quiet periods. I’d also like to officially request that we always have two Teddies, rather than just one.

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