Coop: Actionable Intel

Please leave your feedback here.

For the mission:

Let me start with the good:

  • Great setting, CBRN and Germans always great to see, contact DLC is fun
  • The premise of dirty bombs was also fun, would’ve loved to see some defusing from our side
  • Your personal touches in terms of wrecks, craters, and all the decorations at base were great and helped set the scene really well.

Now the not so good:

  • The amount of objects resulted in some frame drops, decoration is nice but is easily overdone. Double check using dynamic simulation and turning everything that is decorative into simple objects.
  • The mission was too large for the amount of people we had. We were one squad, with no fire support, no backup, against a company level element in a small town and we had the following drawbacks:
  • We had less equipment due to CBRN equipment limitations like no backpacks.
  • We had the wrong ammo, some leaders had no radios.
  • The M113 is NOT an asset. It is a liability because its physics are bugged and aiming is nearly impossible, it adds nothing in terms of fire support. It also makes no sense for Germans to use M113s next to their G36s.

I understand the mission was meant to be difficult, but there is difficult and then there is ridiculous. This kind of mission would never even be attempted in real life with ONE squad, let alone continued after the first contact and all those deaths. It always destroys my belief in the mission/world/setting when that happens, because everything is treated like a video game.

Less is more.

For the players:

  • Pass along information to your fire teams. I got lots of feedback that no one knew what was going on or what the objective was.
  • Do not rage quit a role and spawn back in as a different role without at least mentioning it first, let alone discussing it.
  • PID your targets, particularly in an op where the enemies are dressed the same as friendlies.

The dirty bombs idea was cool but it seemed like they weren’t really important at the end and very difficult to locate. Especially with lower numbers and a big search area intelligence is quite fundamental, maybe a drone operator would’ve been a good addition.

Apart from that the usual, agree with Baegel of course information needs to be passed down and it wasn’t always the case tonight and unfortunately this led to some badly coordinated action (which essentially then produces more casualties)