Coop: A Very Sunshiney Day

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Don’t use zeus to blow up vehicles with people in them, Its very obvious when a vehicle is fine and then just suddenly everything goes red and it explodes. Hull Red, Fuel Amber, Engine Red, Wheels Red, Gun White, Turret Turret Amber, Suddenly everything is red and the vehicle explodes. Its very obvious and very unfair. Also Please remember the BTR-70 is banned. the BTR on the hill engaging us was a BTR-70, this is partially a failure on my part aswell as the reviewer but both of us need to remember.

Don’t know how many times I have to tell you. I wish I had recorded to prove it to you. I didn’t touch your vic, I was taking pictures. Sorry you still think it was me. I’d own up to it if I was responsible.

I enjoyed this opp quite a bit specially the part where Dusty blows up in the vic, I lagit had to mute myself because I couldn’t stop laughing. As for the objectives itself I think it went pretty well specially for the first town since we cleared it pretty quick without taking too many injuries, then we proceeded to the road block which was fairly straight forward just setting up a 360 while we talk to the police officer then, came the ambush which took out all of red and yellow and platton lead which in my opinion would not of happened if there was better communication between us since it was confusing in terms of do we stop to ingage or drive on past to find some cover.

For the rest of the opp it we got given a "party bus" due to the fact we lost so many Vic’s mostly due to Dusty forgetting about Arma phisics and my incomptence of being a bad fire team lead. In any case we got to the next town got ingage by a BTR 70 which killed Churizo and almost killed Shails but, we managed to take out in the end with one shoot I believe. Last of all the final objective was pretty fun to do even though I don’t think we needed two fire teams up onto the hill yes it worked out in the end mostly due to luck and good teamwork from the teams as, for my yellow team and platton lead we took I say at least 60% of the town with only 4 guys and of course Shails for the most part until the medic had to go and save red on her own. We also lost mother halfway through the town which ended up being only platton lead myself and dusty which we did pretty well until we charged a house full enemy soldiers through smoke which ended up killing us all.

Lastly I would like to thank Skippy for a wonderful opp really had fun with it and I can’t wait for the Fridays opp sounds to be quite challenging for us all.