Coop: A Very Berry Shake

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Enjoyable mission with some nice GM work.

Had feeling like we did spend too much time waiting 300m before the ambush site and later on the castle location. At the beginning we had guy uncounscious from HALO, which took some time to heal him. (so, there were at least 3 situations which could be speeded up or avoided) And there was waiting on the Hotel site too.

The airplane could explode becouse somebody maybe let opened the back cargo doors. (?)

Had no problems with the NVG distance (weather-fog) settings, personally do not mind it but the opposite (+ it eliminate repetitivness)

The last objective was surprising for me. The number of enemies was somehow high, even when luckilly EI behind, did not chase us. Had feeling like we rushed there unorganized (affraid what is behind us) and took a lot of casualities. I had problem to recognize who is friend and foe and got headshot from M249 (actually was lucky to survive till the moment as I PIDied 4 EIs at first like friendlies).

At the castle it looks like (CNTR), nobody was watching a thing. When I moved from my sector to join Alfa, Ive got shot at from Ak and was very very lucky, I was not hit from 5 meters. Really did not expected this could happen.

Except those four waiting windows it was totally good mission, but we could speed up next time and be more aware.

If mission nature allows, In some situations snipers or AR/MG fire (lone wolf, sentry, insurgent), just to graze/tickle can be done or BMP drive past can be wake up call from GM to enforce some discipline.