Coop - A New Font (ANH)

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Recce photos of SAM site.




Objective facilitates two MIM-145 Defender (static tow-dragged longe range AA missile systems with each 4 missile tubes). [i][/i] About 50% of its ammo was used during the patrol. Ability to rearm unobserved.
These systems should be accompanied by a "AN/MPQ-105" radar. Unobserved.
The missile systems is placed outside a Compound.
A compound made concrete T-walls protected with concertina wire on the ground. Four manned observation towers inside compound and two different types of antennas observed.

I loved the mission, great content and nicely created. I love the idea of interim recce missions and I’d definitely recommend whoever plans to lead next week to be a part of recce and use it!

One thing we’ll improve is our SLs, PLs using the common language (sorry guys, I used US standard acronyms) and common doctrine for things. What we did today are two basic combat patrol missions - raid and ambush. We will be better with practice and I hope we do a training for each of them because it suits our small numbers well as long the story of the campaign.

And last by not least, for all who have died under my command rest assure our beloved Churizo is going to take great care of your wives.

Guys, I do not know, but I personally shot not a bullet in this mission. Once I throw a smoke, by mistake. (thx God we always switch at beginning on the smokes :slight_smile: ) But seriously, I had feeling like everything was off normal.

It s not a sin for TL or SQL to stop for 10 sec or go to slow jog for 20 sec when ppl lack behind, to do a mini regroup. (I really dont like when the team structure fall apart and it s like on some public server)

When Alfa attacked the first objective Bravo even had no OW or OP over the compound.

During the second encounter I just got shot instantly by the vehicle MG fire in first burst. Even not chance to react. (but it was explained what happened, np it happens)

Somebody ask what ppl think about the AI accuracy - for me US faction was Always too much on me - but it s just the US faction which makes me feel like it s more PvP than relaxed mil sim.

Generally when I do mission, i rather use the worst factions and use more AI’s to let players have some shooting fun. But it s my style.

What I did like was the base - it was really nice ! The bunkers with the bushes were very cool !

From some reason I experienced a lot of lags during the game and later the recon was really bad - I have to say there was something wrong with my connection too as I ussually have about ping 70 but yesterday i had 149 whole game, from unknown reason.

Sometimes some things placed on map created lags, even if it would be just a minor one small thing.

So, generally I was unlucky yesterday but I hope next time we will be more strict on procedures but still relaxed on ppl.