Coop: A guerilla day 1

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Looks like you had fun yesterday :thumb: . So, I want post couple of pictures from Zeus perspective and write some feedback. (but I always forget to make screens during game)

Boat - hey guys, it s 1,5 km from sea :slight_smile: (I was sure it will be weird when I placed it there LOL :slight_smile: )
Molos town - the objective was barricaded from one side, to force you to go around and look for mines and IEDs. I think this was underestimated a lot. The objects had entrances but just from second side of town. It was something like POW camp.Generally everything what is not normally there was potential IED, AT, AP or flare.

You were very quick in movement, which i did not expected at all. So the last added objective was rough as I tought you will want try again. I hope it was not disapoining end of mission. Pretty much you’ve got encircled and when they come close granades finished you. (Very nice shot on the tank ! It was preparing to shoot.)

If something was not fitting in the mission, just write it down and I will reconsider or avoid it next time. Looking forward to other missions :slight_smile:

  • (will add the basic medical supplies for SQLs)

You hit a really incredible atmosphere with this mission. Very believable. It felt cold and dark which worked well with the story and type of combat.

I only played until the town. I was quite tired due to work and I felt the seriousness of the mission drop quite substantially after we went into the town. The idea that most of the town was barricaded of was interesting but it didn’t take long until people began trying to glitch through the walls in desperation of not being able to find an entrance. I can’t blame you [user avatar=“” name=“Mother”]18447842[/user] for that though.

All in all a very nice mission.

Don’t really have any feedback to give other than this:

Again one of the most in-depth mission I have playing in CNTO, you have an immense eye for detail in missions and the atmosphere you create is always on point!

Please do make more missions!