Coop - A Day to Remember

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No shoes no service.

Can’t say much, I spent most time dead or unconscious so there’s that but the mission had few nice touches like that comms tower with Jurassic Park reference :smiley:

Something I have to say about the way we played:

  1. I don’t know how many times I told on the radio that Teddy is down and you left him behind on the other side of the river where someone was 2m away from him the moment I said that on the radio and you had tons of smoke. Maybe it was just too stressful and there was quite a bit happening on the radio so it’s understandable but I just couldn’t watch the poor man bleed out. At least you fell with grace, Teddy :smiley:

  2. Don’t drive vehicles into towns occupied by guerillas(especially supported by the US military :stuck_out_tongue: ). The moment I heard on the radio that we’re going deeper into the town I knew we’re dead in that 1st vic. Either mine or just ambush. In fact both happened. I saw two men aiming at us but we blew up too fast for them to open fire.

  3. Don’t declare people dead without actually seeing them cold and stiff. We have this medical system that works in our favor and after all it’s Arma… In fact only 1 of us died in that explosion, the rest was unconscious and SOMEHOW Jacop(I think) woke up and screamed for help. At this point I got Arma’d because I believe that Shails knew I was alive but there was no way to get me out of the vehicle and you can’t enter destroyed vehicles. I bled out.

But to end this on a good note, it was a nice mission and it was cool to play as someone else than 'Muricans. I r8 8/8.