Conquistadors Finale.

Well guys. A big thank you to everything for the last few missions that happened with the Conquistadors unofficial c-word.

You guys did some great jobs and some not so great jobs, but ultimately you accomplished the monumental task set to you with wonderful precision. I had a blast during the time and I hope that you guys did too. To the guys who cracked my codes, I hope you found them somewhat fun and a nice addition outside of the mission.

Unfortunately, there comes bad news too. The Finale won’t be happening tomorrow.

Here’s what the mission was going to be.
You were going to load onto the island with the lighthouse a day after last mission and inside the lighthouse was to be a tunnel which lead somewhere. After a short tunnel system, the plan was for you guys to emerge into an underground base, nearly 800m*500m. It was going to have multiple levels, branching paths, huge areas, a sub pen, medical facilities and tight catwalks for you guys to spend a evening playing through, all custom built from the ground up. I had the whole area mapped out and I was confident I could build it before Tuesday.

Unfortunately. Arma is Arma. And despite me completing only 25% of the build and setting every object I could to "Simple" and every object I couldn’t to "No simulation" (except doors). FPS was around 10. In Single Player.

As such, I know it wouldn’t be any kind of fun or fair to expect anyone to play on something like that, and I know downscaling the idea won’t work either (Since FPS had dropped so bad already at only 25% completion.) So I’m going to cancel the finale.

I’m sorry you guys didn’t get a proper send off and that the game can’t handle the scale of the build I planned. I hope however that you all look forward to the OPTRE campaign I’m running next (I’ll be taking a lot of ideas and feedback from this one!)

In the mean time, Friday’s mission has become tomorrows and I hope that you’ll all turn up for an evening of fun regardless! It’s one I’ve been looking forward to running for a while anyway!

Thanks for all the fun

No worries bud the opps that you did were a lot of fun and different from the usuall norm, even the De-Cording was enjoyable to do even though i only took part in a little bit of it. I think it was good idea to have and i hope to see something on that level in the near future.

So instead you are going to continue your campaign on a different map they fled too and we forgot you ever posted this alternative timeline! Yay!

This has been a great sequence of missions that build upon previous iterations of said sequence. I think it genuinely was really fun and could be a base for following series of missions.
Perhaps an opfor campaign, a campaign that starts with guerilla ops where we capture gear and after move up to capturing, a campaign focused om combined warfare with armour instead air etc.

Really enjoyed this!