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OH GREAT CNTO TECH MINDS ([user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user] ) I summon thee for some help for poor old me.

Problem is that I have a feeling my PSU isnt up for the task to handle my rig :

Motherboard - Gigabyte H61M - S
CPU - I7 2600K @ 3.4GHZ
GPU - AMD R9 280X
RAM - 12 GB
HDD - Seagate 1TB
PSU - 550W
Cooling - one or two fans

Keep in mind I live in India with an average temperature of 30 degrees and my comp is right next to the window and gets a lot of sunlight.

Additionally I would like to upgrade my PC, specifically my CPU, PSU, Cooling unit and an SSD

Any help here would be nice.

Bigger tower, water cooling maybe?

Summon somebody who knows something about cooling. Not me, I’m on air (Noctua U12P). :slight_smile:

550W should be enough, I have a similar setup and have over-provisioned it to 750W so it lasts a few years while the capacitors degrade and allows me to run near(-er) the optimal 50% load.

It would help if you added purpose of upgrade and budget. Where I live temperatures in the summer (April - October) are in the 30-40+ too, air cooling handles it just fine as long as you keep the cables organized and the case clean from dust. Water cooling is only really necessary if you want to overclock beyond ~+15%.

I use multiple Samsung 8** EVO SSD’s, all around 120 - 200 GB’s. One for WIndows, one only for Arma 3 with Mods and an older one for Games who really need to load a lot!
I could not afford one of these 500GB / 1TB since they where fucking 800 Dollars at the time…
I don’t know about durability right now, but i have a few friends who use SSD’s and most of them had to change the SSD after a while. That’s why i’m staying with max 240GB’s
But be aware the price has changed a lot since… 120 GB - 75$ / 250GB 110$
250GB is a good choice i think…
For me, the most important is to run "OS" on a SSD, and since you play a lot of Arma, it could make sense… it’s booting up pretty fast!
The Samsung 850 Pro series have 10 Years of Warranty and are pretty fast.
A lot of people say: it makes more sense to take a 1TB SSD (price, space) and they’re also faster than the small one and since you can have a 10 Years Warranty why not?

Samsung 850 PRO - 10 Years Warranty - Fast - Price is Fair - You can have whatever size you need! I have only good experience with…

The problem with budgets is that components will be priced cheaper in your country/ies than in mine and sometimes might not be available so ill have to take that as it comes. Purpose is that its long overdue and I feel my CPU might need to be changed since its 4 years old, or maybe even 5 years old.

I see no problems with this computer, not even a reason to upgrade. What problems are you experiencing?
Overclocking the CPU would give you a good performance boost, but sadly your motherboard chipset does not support it.

Edit: Oh yeah. You need an SSD as stated above.

Well the sudden change in heart is due to my comp randomly restarting. Now ive noticed this happen due to me adding 8 gigs of RAM to the previous 4 and I feel the PSU cant keep up at times. Almost all ways the restart happens in a heated moment ingame after my comps been on for quite some time.

And i thought since i need to probably change that might as well push the cpu up and now the mobo as well but i guess that can wait. Priority would be to get a new PSU, SSD and perhaps another fan or so.

Also be sure to have a good airflow within your case, this can prevent alot of negative things.
Some strong fans can help here for sure!
Sounds like an overheat problem I think.

Could you provide us with some temperatures on different loads?

Should a RAM increase really change power consumption that much? I’d double check the timing of the new RAM.

you can do a cpu-cooler matching your i7 for 30 euros and that gives you a little more overclocking possibility, ad a big 140 mm fan if you have the matching exits in your tower for something like 20 euros and you can keep the temp pretty cool with that

[quote name=“Motherboard - Gigabyte H61M - S CPU - I7 2600K @ 3.4GHZ GPU - AMD R9 280X RAM - 12 GB HDD - Seagate 1TB PSU - 550W Cooling - one or two fans”][/quote]

i7 [email protected] - I have one since 2011 OC’d at 4.3 - 4.5 Ghz. Only used a Noctua (or equivalent) Cooler for it to work . Never failed, never freezed or bugged for heat reasons. It’s sitting on an ASUS MB though.

AMD R9 280X RAM - Not worth investing into a new GPU until next generation is out, would say 6 month from here. The next generation GPU’s will be much more powerful in terms of processing power. As the new generation GPU’s are also smaller, heat and needed power should not become an issue, I’d say you might be still good with a 550W . But it will not harm going for a bigger one, if you can get money from selling your 550W.

12GB - can go to 16GB, but I don’t think that will really make a difference. Probably just keep that money. Do you have equivalent same memory, I mean dod you buy the same 8GB as were the 4GB’s ? Check your settings in the BIOS, check if XMP is enabled or not. I had a terrible experience as XMP was disabled in my BIOS for a few weeks and I couldn’t really make out what was the cause of recurrent crashed, until I randomly read an article about it. Or try this: Run it only with the new 8GB’s . See if it is stable again.

Seagate 1TB - You definitely want an SSD for the OS and for Arma 3. Best upgrade for any PC feeling ‘slow’.

Clean Case inside and good cable management helps a lot for keeping the system cool as @Bull said. Taking the case out of the sunlight could also really make a huge difference. Setup a monitoring app which logs the temperatures and check those logs after a crash. This will give you clear answers about temperature being at limit or not.

Get one of these with all this :wink:

Wow got a lot of advice here, thanks a lot guys and No [user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] I cant quite afford it hehe (yet). I think ill just have to better my cabinet location, its currently in a small alcove under my desk in and is surrounded by wood so im sure it gets quite heated up cause of that and ill just add a 120MM fan in it and a 750W PSU for my next round of upgrades for next year. Perhaps its time to OC my CPU also :smiley: