Community vs Community Event

Hey guys,

I am looking at putting together the above let me know if you would be up for a large scale PvP event?


This might sound strange but are there any other communities that would be interested in a large scale Co-op event?

Yes, ask gunny, highway or spartak, we’ve had some events together with them before

Already in touch with Highway :thumb:

Gunny and Highway are the same person you dweeb


I am not Gunny, I am Chris. Chris is Skywalker and Skywalker is Highway. We are all the one with the universe.

Anyways, great idea Dachi (12591864) , as usual. :wink:

BTW. large scale coop is also a great idea.

Insert chypsa and make pretend you meant it! :slight_smile:

So quick update for all those that voted yes we are working on the mission as we speak watch out for the event details in the near future.

Just so everyone is aware I have posted this event up:

If you would like to join me and see how it goes then sign up and bring your CNTO tags with you :slight_smile:

Server details web just gives certificate error. Bypassing ends up on a non-functional site.

Links updated the server address is enetered into the direct connect in arma like we do with ours.

This has low priority, but any chance of a summary feedback ? Just wondering how we integrated in a 40vs40 TvT ? Especially with vanilla comms. Thanks

Vanilla comms were horrible, the moment the fighting started we almost instantly lost 50% of our men due to lack of comms and after that it was one big pile of friendly fire and enemy elements wandering around like headless chickens.

Hey guys,

Just thought I would let you know how things went on Sunday with 10 guys including myself representing CNTO on a huge 85+ TvT event.

Well to start it was the Zeus Community that hosted the event they had about 20 members in attendance, the way they work is they have their members in leadership roles etc and their squads are made up of public members.

We as CNTO had our own Squad 10man strong and in the first round I think we were given a very hard approach to defend against superior enemy it was 3:1 attackers to defenders.

We performed really well and flanked at least two full squads and got a lot of attention from public members asking who we were and compliments on our flanking manoeuvre.

The Second round a lot of guys left but Zjousa had an awesome performance in defence with 8 guys holding off 40 guys and this also made Zjousa a bit of a hero and also was a really nice promotion of CNTO with guys asking who we were and links to the website.

If anything else it was really good publicity and I think the guys had fun would be nice to turn up in greater numbers next time.

Vannila comms were really hard to work with as chris has said I personally kept trying to talk in direct always forgeting that push to talk was force enabled which I hate deeply. Comms to command using vanilla was ok but was made harder as you had no way of choosing which ear comms came in on so hard to keep the Squad quite to be able to hear anything.

The hardship with communication did hinder our performance but I was told they will give us membership to TS next time meaning we can disable push to talk.

I remember things a bit differently to Chris it took a while for a our numbers to dwindle and this was in part due to most of our forces falling back to camp maxwell or being over run but like I said above we inflicted some serious damage and slowed the enemies advance. Friendly fire was an issue but this was also again in part due to situation and comms, situation Charlie had retreated off a hill south of the base and enemy had taken it we flanked that enemy and were deep in enemy lines and I mean 5m fire fight all around us but we survived and took the hill, unfortunatley the friendlies in base just saw movement on the hill top they thought was enemy occupied and clearly other SL’s hadn’t passed on the message that we we there taking the fight to the enemy.


Any of you guys up for a different TvT experience with smaller numbers and a actual radio system to use?



Last one was really cool even though there was only 4 of us and we weren’t in the same squads at first. I can only imagine how awesome it has to be with a full CNTO squad ! 100 people PvP is something :smiley:


just wondering what kind of experience did you have playing with in-game VON system? Is it usable or using dedicated radio mod is a must?