COD WW2 open beta!

Let’s play after the op tomorrow!

Edit : Actually nevermind, It’s the same fucking cod shit over again. Graphics are also super shit. Thanks for letting us down again Activision!

Yap tried it yesterday after training. It’s pretty bad. Would not recomend even bothering to download the 14 GB that are required to play.

It can be better to host a game with the IFA_AIO_Lite, IFA3 liberation, faces of war add-ons for Arma3 which are quite good.

  • ace or what would be needed.

It stays arma realistic but we would need Zeus + the same mod preset + host.

The image is showing mods needed for playing wwII in arma.

So I believe if couple ppl would have this mods we can try to play it. If not anybody I could at least try to host it and Zeus it. It can not be so difficult for max one squad :slight_smile: (?)

Looks pretty fun [user avatar=“” name=“Mother”]18447842[/user]

I prepared small mission with the mods above, like for 1 hour lets, say. So, if anybody would like to try after The Owlympics, I can try to host it, at least to test if it will work, as it s my first multiplayer attempt :slight_smile:

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