Co-op The Heist + The Rig

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Great mission design, i like the storyline of this campaign a lot.

DIssapointed with the leadership, at least in the first mission as I did not play the second due to frustration at dying in the first seconds of the first engagement.

It was fucking stupid to rock up in an urban environment that was known to have (soon-to-be) hostiles in it, knowing they had occupied the 1 additonal building we bothered to look in, yet not bothering to do any additonal recon, such as look in other any other buildings. We have the unique advantage of having our hostiles not shoot at us whilst we recon, and we squander this opportunity to ascertain their exact positons.

We just start shooting from an open plane, not even establisihg a 360 degree of cover for our rear or anything despite the fact there are a myriad of buildings that covered the target building with solid walls for cover because apparently thin air is good enough. This issue was raised before we went in by someone in an non-leadership position and was completely ignored.

Did it not occur that people with something valuable to protect might have more than 4 guys in the area? Or a patrol wandering about? Fucking stupid and fucking careless.

The mission was well designed, at least from the 5 seconds I saw as the defenders were logically defending, next time we should try logically attacking.

Mission 1. This for me was a lot of fun and intense because first of all I thought when I got hit from behind and got knocked unconscious I thought that was it so I went to go and have a quick piss only to come back and see me conscious again but at the time I also thought I got Heald up only to notice that wasn’t true at all and every one around me was dead including the medic. Then me and the survivors of the gun fight stormed the building to get the Intel which we did only to be attacked again and only for me and Pappy to be the last ones left in the building we did eventually escaped thx to mother as well so overall great mission but have to agree with seb with the whole planning the assault on the objective.

Mission 2. Again I really enjoyed this part as well as for me this was the first time scuba diving in arma. Stealthy boarding the oil rig and killing any russian solders was pretty good even though I nearly died twice due to falling from the stairs and then randomly dropping to the floor and almost bleeding to death. Also I would like to say the mission could be a bit harder. Such more so infantry or a bomb could go if we don’t defuse it in time can’t remember who brought it up but you know who you are.

Last of all I am really enjoying your campaign Skippy so keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to Friday opp.

I loved when the GAZs come behind us - it was incredible surprise, totally unexpected situation !! :thumb:

The diving was amazing, it looked very nice in Arma and the rig. It was very good atmosphere, I felt like Im there almost. :thumb: