Co-op - Summer Storm

Please leave your feedback for the mission here.

And the second mission of a day… From my perspective AGAIN there could be more action. We took the Audi route and… there was some civilians there, about 2 soldiers, then i blew up on civilian mine and then we were moving towards the base with zeus. nothing really happened untill the phase of planning how to get to that base with zeus. When we actualy began the assualt it felt amazing. Everyone was working together, the communication was very good, the covering was fine(with some issues but noone died because of them i believe, very tiny issues) and at least from my perspective going in was hard but once we knew how the place looks like we were doing good. in overall my problem with those 2 missions was the lack of challenge. I’d like to see some more soldiers defending positions instead of civilians running over our crew. Civilians were cool thing don’t get me wrong but there was not enough of soldiers trying to stop us and the base assault wasn’t big enough to cover this. In my opninion if they let us get all the towns they must be gathered in some large base trying to stop us… well… They were trying to stop us but not hard enough

Although I died already mid-mission, due to a total misjudgment of a particular situation, I really liked the simplicity of the mission in its formulation of the objective. That we took a large amount of time to do the mission and achieve the objective shows that the amount of ennemies thrown at us wasn’t that bad. I witnessed fierce combat in Viscom in the town east of Montignac, and resistance was high enough for the whole platoon to move over to the opposite side and attack the main fort from there.The civis hostility was nicely made, I am not a big fan of suicidal bombers, and all the trucks were suspicious , but not all were a threat, which slowed down our progression, and that’s what the MM intented i’d guess. It would effectively have been interesting to add a few more patrols in the last perimeter, which could have flanked our elements while they were taking over the outpost villages. Most threats were indeed only coming at us from the front.

I was with our APC and enjoyed working as a mechanised infantry group. We managed to protect the APC as needed, clearing out rocket equipped enemies and having fun doing it. We faced a quick nasty attack from the main town but overall this was mission where we attacked a well defended position and it would have been silly for the defenders to leave the town and attack us and I am glad they didn’t. The terrain was well chosen and the enemy fortifications very interesting to deal with. Great mission design and a fun attack at the end!

I built this mission more as a TDG you get in military. Decisions about terrain and best avenues of attack. Then I threw in the civillian aspect as a gimmick. I hope it was atleast a fun one. As Zeus atleast I liked it. Also to repeat what was mentioned in debrief: No suicide bombers or bomb trucks were there. In hindsight I understand that what I considered a variation in vehicles (Fuel truck) could be construed as a suicide bomber.

About the challenge I don’t know what to say. I think Ryujin commanded both and made smart tactical choices. In this one on the hills outpost BTR supressed HMG-s. Infantry approached under the cover of smoke and took out HMGs. You discovered the Shilka that suppressed you to hell. You decided to attack the west side instead try dealing with Shilka or going for frontal attack from south to dealing with HMG-s and AGS. By luck you slipped into the gap where towers didn’t cover or razor wire didn’t bar you. Casualties while taking the fort were massive so I stopped adding any more resitance.

What I overall try to do with my missions is to cut trough the boring infantry attack,defend,ambush,delay routine and add some interesting aspects to them. When I go with the basic infantry tasks I try to throw spins in it. (E.g. Shilka that made a good dominant approach a worthless one and the civillians.) I try to plan defences like an enemy would. That hill was so obvious weakness it was to be excpected that it was reinforced against.

Don’t know what happened with the IED though. Before the mission I considered whether it was too obvious. Maybe not.

About facing enemies only from front. Thats the thing about having the iniciative and being the attacker. I never utilized the reserve that any defender would have but casualties became too high at the end.

In general: Thank you for the feedback. I hope more people will post their in-depth considered opinions even if they mentioned them in de-brief so I can try to make better missions in future. My memory isn’t perfect nor can everyone fully express their emotions during the short debrief.