Co-op - Sonic Burst

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Zeus Viewpoint:


Awesome mission… Sad I wasn’t up to survive over the middle of it. I really like the simplicity of those missions, and overall most missions I played since I came back to play with you guys. All, if any, complexity is in the execution not in the formulation of the mission’s task, I like that. I watched zcribe’s vid for the parts I missed, good job guys !

FYI - BIS suppression works only if the unit decides there are no near obstructions in LoS to the target (shoot-through fence apparently counts as well, eh), that’s why it didn’t sometimes work. Also non-machinegunners really suck at it and are unable to fire bursts at anything further than ~10m. Only MGs can, so if you want to actually make a situation dangerous (rather than just revealing the enemy position), use MGs + 90sec BIS suppression. The non-90sec lasts only about 3-4 bursts or a few shots (non-MG) and if the unit can’t see the player (too dark, etc.), it will stop firing.
I’ve tested flashlights today and after 1.62, they seem to be nearly useless for AI spotting, only NVGs work.

I think this mission should have been done standalone, as the first / only mission on a day. This would not only allow fresh players to avoid misfire / cover sectors effectively / coordinate better, but would also allow for more interesting mission design - we had to search the entire airfield because we had no idea where the hostages were. If there was ie. an officer car with a bodyguard parked outside (and we had a good observation point / UAV), the attack might have been much more "surgical", assuming players would pick up on these clues.
You know - identifying key targets instead of "let’s just sweep the airfield". This again unfortunately relies on people not being tired (like Teddy, who managed to fall asleep but got woken up by his own misfire :D) and less time pressure.

From the S1 POV, I think we could have used traveling overwatch - IMHO we use bounding way too often even when there’s little danger of the moving element being surprised - the enemy had clearly inferior equipment and after shots being fired, I would think of the objective as very time-sensitive, prioritizing faster element movement.
As a side note, I don’t think gathering at a landmark like the factory complex is a wise idea for a concealed specops unit, maybe that’s why we got in contact. :slight_smile:

Well…the mission was fun. I really really liked the paradrop part(although idk if everyone had GPS or was it just me as AAR but without GPS navigating at night with compass and map is hard. If not GPS it would have taken me a while) because first we had to meet up with our teams etc. etc. Would like to see it more often. Mission was simple, sneak and kill. Me like.

BUT! IMO there’s too many of those sneaky peaky missions but the part I care most about is that it feels like half of the time we play at night. I personally don’t like it. Watching green screen is boring after some time(I would like to see mission with full moon maybe and no NV? with flares and stuff) + Arma really is nice looking game I like to watch the graphics even if I have to lower them for multiplayer. Also just not enough things is shooting at me lately due to those night missions.

But back to the mission. I was expecting more patrols, Teddy fall asleep and woke himself up with his own misfire, 5 other people misfired and one threw a nade… I mean… c’mon… and bounding overwatch was unnecesary as Freghar said. For the most of the time we could just move up to the city from 2 directions/places with both squads and when we got close do few overwatches if needed. But other than that it was well led and we did fine. (but I think I got blown up by extremely accurate friendly fire(it blew up right on me. Good shot)

Also Freghar sorry that I let you down back there on the airfield. I could barely see the guy and I actually looked away when he started shooting. Was too late to sharpen your sight.

ArmA 3 Operation "Sonic Burst" by Carpe Noctem - YouTube It ends when I died because VISCOM didn’t allow me to get NV.

[youtube]Arma 3 - Operation Sonic Burst - CNTO - YouTube

Extremely fun mission, loved how we were at the front of the action all the time, even though we were supposed to not die.