Co-op - Roaming Dust

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Anders knows how to drive a quad bike :wink:


This was simply one of the best missions I’ve ever played.

The enviroment was perfectly picked out giving good cover, beautiful scenery, and dangerous open fields and hill climbs. The fps were very very good and there was no unnessecary roleplaying with AI friendlies or GM storytelling .The enemy density was spot on. Loadouts were interesting and the fights orgasmic. You hit this spot on for me. Pure arma. We were us against them and we decided ourselves how we wanted to approach and who we wanted to shoot.

The move to the objective felt fair but dangerous. I was constantly scared for my life but also felt like if I played this right I would be able to make it through. The fighting was mainly based on long ranged and it worked brilliantly. The enemy acted like enemies would. The feel I had in those mountains with the sound of gunfire all around and tracers flying over and under was something you rarely achieve on such a high note. It is why we play.

The two towers were well placed and felt realistic. Not forcing us anywhere but just stading in our way. After we took one of them and moved into the town the mist really came on. It put an interesting twist on a part which was expected to be just another CQB scenario. We felt very challenged in the city and a lot died but if there was a time for this to happen it was now. At this point we had already achieved a lot throughout the mission and even if I had died in there I would feel like the story of my mission would be complete.

The only negative thing was the extraction. That was the first time were I felt like the GM was there. Spawning in some ATV’s felt wrong and out of place. If you don’t have a proper extraction ready were players extracted players or we go back to the vehicles we rode in on (last one not possible in this mission) then don’t do one. We could easily have ended the mission in the town and debriefed there without a loss.

But again fantastic mission. Beautifull.


Sound setup was bit messed up so only TS chatter is recorded for sound.

So it was YOU who controled that AI to get out of the Hangar. I was so spooked a guy just casually walked out of it

The mission was certainly unique and enjoyable! I don’t have much to add to what is said above, except that … please watch the suppression AI visibility again (I assume it was that).
Arma 3 actually simulates fog very well and the AI respects it, so it felt kind of weird when, after ~1 minute of standing still, somebody suddenly started shooting at us volumes of fire through the nearly-invisible fog. I guess my prior maneuver on the hill (flanking) worked out well as I got at least 3 guys from the flank as they were suppressing the rest of my panicked team, but if a less aware version of the GM would just place suppression targets on random players, this strategy could have been broken by GM not anticipating the smart tactics chosen by players (and having more knowledge than the enemy would have).
As a rule of thumb, do not use the suppression thing to initiate a contact.

If only BI would allow me to suppress a position instead of a unit, I could have made the enemy suppress last known position instead. :frowning: I can still provide a version which would just do nothing if the AI doesn’t know about the target player, but that would probably be pretty frustrating to use in practice.

Well, when running short on time, there are rarely good solutions - we can argue whether teleporting us back to the base would be worse. Or whether teleporting everybody else into the city for debrief would be worse.
To me, just providing the ATVs was the "lesser evil" and, as a side effect, gave me the experience I was expecting from the start, even if I had to "suspend my disbelief" a bit. :slight_smile: