Co-op «Rattling Saber»

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Plan and execution on the map.

The mission was great! For my squad(Alpha-2) it started pretty slow as we were placing mines while Alpha-1 started taking fire but someone had to do it and we didn’t miss much of an action so no worries there(although we really should get backpacks next time for this kind of thing so it goes quicker. Also i forgot to unpin the mines :confused: ). When we ran up to the building there was a lot of shooting, a lot of explosions, finaly we’ve seen some contacts in sectors we were watching but it was really nice waiting for the action to start as we heard a lot of it right around the corner and it finaly started for us. First front line didn’t hold up for too long but we(other team) shot down 3 tanks(I guess, no sign of them later). 2nd line lasted not much more to be honest and at this point I’ve lost squad leader and AT guy and took over the squad(which was my friend Toucan) Mortar fire was dangerously close so we fell back to 3rd line. 3rd line in my opinion was too far away. we left a lot of clear terrain for enemies to take. At this point everyone who didn’t fall back in time was dead. As we were waiting for enemies to come coser I’ve lost my friend and joined the only moving people around(Freghar and someone else. Can’t remember the name). We held our positions for long time, concidered running away in humv but votes were 1 for 2 against so we stayed there for another 3 minutes and then we fell back. after I got shot like 3 times we moved to that infamous building where 3 of us was trying to survive for a long time begging for reinsertion :smiley: . They were short on ammo(I wasn’t), we threw all the nades we had and when the reinforcments came to save us i got disconnected due to my fucking internet provider… So those 2 who survived and didn’t get disconnected, fill the story for me and the rest of us.

What was my problem with the mission is that we gave up to much clear terrain to the enemy. falling back from 1st line was good because there was not much cover between 1st and 2nd line and 2nd was pretty close to 1st line. But distance from 2nd to 3rd was waaay to big. By reviewing the pictures in my head there was not much of perfect positions to defend but we could clearly hold 1 or 2 more lines there. Other than that I guess nothing to say. Or i could ask what happened to reinforcments? Sounds like it was complete slaughter…

And obviously I’ll send the link to YT video when it’s done :slight_smile:

First of all, I played as the pilot for the A10-CAS call sign Reaper 1.

I had a ton of fun with this mission. I experienced AAA and missiles being fired at me (sometimes 4 at a time - Jesus take the wheel!!) and was constantly worried about being taken out from a sudden incoming rocket. All three A10s survived and are ready for another mission (hint hint).

While speaking about the A10, one thing i found in the end of the mission, was that i were not able to repair them using the repair truck even though i was the co-pilot (repair).
Furthermore the loading of ammo… It does gives some sort of realism, but loading 25 30mm rounds at a time, when it holds 1250… I would have spent the rest of the mission reloading if it didn’t end. I believe this can be changed in ACE and I think we should look into that for future missions.
A quick note on the co-pilot, shouldn’t he have a long range radio? I personally think he should since he needs to be able to take over communication when the pilot is stressed.

I also want to say that the communication with smoke is absolutely a necessity because of the close quarter environment. And you guys on the ground, did an amazing job landing those smoke grenades, always right on the money!

Evaluating my own performance, I found that i did my job a little too late at times. I were able to engage targets when they were out of the city, but chose not to since i did not get confirmation to engage. Most of the times were because I did not ask to engage…
I do think the city got somewhat overrun with armor in the end, correct me if it is wrong, which I think could be prevented if i engaged them out of town. Especially around the beach i saw lots of armor.

[user avatar=“” name=“zcribe”]16558368[/user] you made a fantastic mission with the perfect setting for CAS. I had mountains to hide behind when out of flares. I did have one of those moments, where i was out of flares, being chased by missiles, and needed to dip behind a mountain, with a red hull, to survive.
Also with the tall buildings it was difficult to get either a good lock or a good gun run. loved it!

Some funny moments as a final note: trying to establish communication with the final 3 survivors (using 343) - forcing me to fly low and slow. Hope i did your guys a favor bombing around the bridge and river close to you?

Taking out a AAA in defilade on a mountainside, where I basically flew Nap Of the Earth (NOE) closer, for at the final moment peeking up above the mountain and going all guns - it did get some good shoots on me, but nothing can take out the amazing flying hog.

Landing three times (always a success if it happens) with red hull, zero ammo left, and parking them in the hangers - which was a mistake since you cannot reverse in the A10!!.

I believe it helped. Everytime you flew by there was much less steps and enemies screaming around our building.

Video of my perspective here ArmA 3 Operation "Rattling Saber" by Carpe Noctem - YouTube

I’ve noticed what was the problem with audacity after that… there’s 20 minutes with it and then I’ve put subtitles of what I’m saying.


Tropical you had lots of ammo!!! I never heard you said that.