Co-Op - May Day

Please post your feedback for the May Day mission.

Good one. There wasn’t much need to use full potential of 2 teams moving close together but I liked how it went. Now when I look at it there wasn’t much action until the point where we got close to the village as we avoided pretty much everything we could. There was a lot of shooting by the village, heli almost landed on me, and the BMP suicide rush to town where apparently I killed myself by firing AT too close to target :slight_smile: . AC-130 team… not much to say. We were just camping at the hill. It was entertaining since the enemies were coming from different sides constantly(not all sides at once tho’ but 2 at once happened). some 400-500m sniping with 5.54… It doesn’t feel like 5.45 does enough damage on that range. But when we let them get at range of 300m it was going fast. Tracers were handy. And it felt as i was getting all the aggro at one point. Enemies seemed more accurate there on the LZ. I could peak pretty widely from behind the tree but once I got spotted bullets flew by VERY close or dropped VERY close. Re-peak was able for few seconds to fire 10 bullets and again I was pinned down. It was good. I liked it. It wasn’t complicated mission so not much to say but it was dope.

Videos incoming probably tomorrow or today night if I will bother to do it(don’t think so :confused: )

Very interesting mission and I think well paced with action at regular intervals, considering we had such freedom of movement and choosing our own path around the island. in fact it must have been crazy to GM with us sneaking about and me moving Templar around the north to avoid stuff. Thanks to Abuk and the guys in Lancer for fighting all those choppers and apcs for us, from where we were it looked a bit nasty and we appreciated your valiant sacrifice!

I would like to apologise if I chattered a bit too much on the squad channel, I was a bit worried about getting lost with no map markers! In the end not having markers was not too bad as it encouraged me to keep the squad fairly close together and that allowed us to engage enemies quickly with lots of dakka. When you have map markers showing where your fire teams are you get a bit too ambitious with complicated plans and forget that 4 guys on their own might get overwhelmed. Thanks Zcribe and Dash for being such good FTLs and managing that assault on the radio tower, as soon as you guys pointed out bounding up a hill was a bit silly since you couldn’t support each other you switched to one big attack.

I think we had lots of interesting moments that made this a memorable mission from watching Lancer take down a chopper all by themselves to us doing the same but with some handy left over AA guns… To watching the same guns get blown to bits a minute later while we ran for cover. Later on we hid from a wheeled APC in some woods and avoided meeting the same fate as Lancer only to get attacked from two sides by infantry, but then fought them off with no casualties! After that two helpful locals came and gave us some trucks and our long march became a pleasant morning drive along the side of a pretty lake and on to the extraction point.

Did you like the fact that they had broken down and we’re changing the wheels?

Must have hot the same pothole…

Did you like the fact that they had broken down and we’re changing the wheels?[/quote]

I noticed that! We tried to be friendly and offered to help but those chaps had it all in hand and finished super fast.

From my point of view.

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Well managed to finally sit down to it. Here’s the playlist: ArmA 3 Operation "May Day" by Carpe Noctem - YouTube - If there are no videos or they are non-public just check out later.

Quality of next video will be better. It’s very annoying that when I move screen gets all pixely and stuff. I’ve noticed a setting, tried it out and quality will be literally 4 times better. Actually part 12 is 3 times better than the rest of the parts so a little teaser of quality you can say.

I’m on a prescription med that keeps me awake so I watched all of Dachi’s vidz and was actually impressed by the speed we got moving we squad leaders had a bit of slow start as we had to get the platoon net radios and remind people what fire teams they were in (understandable considering the names were new and some FTLs had to take their positions without much warning) the mission ORBAT should be telling you what team you are in if you press m or j.

Considering the fire fights and hiding from helicopters and trucks we took the radio tower about an hour and a bit into the mission which is pretty bloody good. Delays happen when we have to react to contacts all around us and then regroup which is understandable. Dachi was on 343 channel 1 for most of the time so his video doesn’t show how I was stepping on my squad channel 2 and launching into rambling orders ten times more than any one using channel 1. I guess we should all remind ourselves that it is best to say your order to yourself then try and say it with half the words over the radio and also leave gaps in between long orders so that people have a chance to break in with important stuff.

Also much respect to the rescue team securing the LZ from all that EI. I apologise for my sarky comment: "the LZ didn’t seem very secure…" If only I knew the hell you guys had been through.