Co-op Desert Puma

Please provide feedback for the mission Desert Puma.

Hey guys,

I was A1 lead for this mission with Freghar, Bananapeel and Zcribe in my team, the guys did a great job and we all made it to the end :slight_smile:

At the start of the mission the Plan from Zjosua was good and the first objective went like clockwork. We used an overwatch position to the best of our ability and covered 2 well, as they moved in to town. After clearing the small village A1 was give a route to the North into the Oilfield. The Oilfield and the terrain around it was sparse and offered no real cover or concealment I did not like moving up there (I was surprised we were not ambushed) and the distance now from A2, ASL and Mortar was far to big. Because of the gap I wanted to move back to A2 as quickly as possible for mutual support but was asked to hold and to be fair if A2 and the rest of the Plt move into the valley we did have good overwatch on them.

This is when a road block position opened up on A2, we could hear it was an LMG and was suppressing A2 effectively, I decided to move up on the roadblockas we were at a 90 degree angle to it and in the perfect place to flank it. We move to the next set of available cover about 200m from the road block and I launched about 3 GL round at the position at which point the roadblock feel silent. I then decided to take advantage of this lull and close the gap with A2 while also clearing the road block on route which we did taking lite contacts on route.

From here on out the mission was a very good example of moving in bounding overwatch with both element leap frogging each other compound to compound element providing cover in turn for the other. We did this until the whole valley was clear. It was slow but steady work and I feel if we rushed we would have payed with more casualties.

I really enjoyed this one love the Infantry movement and compound clearing. I would say Mortar Team didn’t get used much no to any great affect anyway. Cheers for a fun mission Ryujin and thanks to everyone for the great team work.


Eistee and I were the mortar team for this mission and while we were not used too much I had a lot of fun and I think squad lead (who did a great job) were saving our ammo for better targets. We spent most of our time calculating distances and directions to the possible fire missions that often didn’t get used because it would have been a waste of a shell. After Eistee had to go my accuracy dropped off as I didn’t have him to double check with and targets at a close range can actually be more difficult than firing from a distance at a position that overlooks the target. Also I made the mistake of asking over short range for corrections when I should have stuck to communication through squad lead only. I think this lead to me using a correction relative to one target that was actually meant to be used relative to another point. Apart from that the only minor problem was the mortar team lead only had a short range 343 and no GPS.

I actually like how we stretched the squad at one point, for the wrong reasons - it was cool having a radio relay guy. Something I want to experiment with if we happen to have a mission with 2 full squads unable to reach each other due to terrain.